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What You Missed At Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

Written by: Per Sandell, VP Product

Facebook’s  F8 conference has become an important window into the social giant’s advertising and stack-building strategy. Last May at F8, Mark Zuckerberg shared enhancements to Parse (a distribution tool for app developers), announced App Links, and unveiled the Facebook Audience Network. The 2015 edition of F8 is the biggest event to date, spanning two days, 80+ speakers, and 44 sessions. The app developers and product teams who converged on the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco yesterday have already been privy to discussions over the future of Facebook and its acquisitions, including Instagram and LiveRail. While F8 won’t wrap up until later today, here are some early takeaways:


Usage & Results

  • 100,000s of developers are building on Facebook tools; half of these are outside the US
  • 30M apps have been built on Facebook apps
  • 3.5 billion app installs came from Facebook last year
  • Facebook paid out $8 billion to developers over the past 5 years
  • 90% of the top 100 apps on iOS and Android have Facebook integrated
  • Apps are seeing a 10% increase of users logging in due to new security
  • 1.4 billion people use the core Facebook app; 700M in Groups; 700M in WhatsApp; 600M in Messenger; 300M in Instagram monthly
  • Facebook has 3 billion video views a day (60% seen on mobile) – half have been seen on a friend’s feed and shared
  • 1B installs from Facebook mobile app install ads

Facebook Audience Network

  • Has generated millions of dollars for app developers
  • More than half of FAN ads are native
  • Average CPM is 7x higher than banner ads


  • 400K developers are building with Parse
  • 85% of top apps built on Parse are built outside of the US
  • 500M active people talked to FB servers via Parse last month
  • DubSmash, an app built on Parse, had 10 million installs last month

Nanigans amplify


  1. Facebook Messenger is now open to developers as a platform that they can build apps for to make conversations better and improve business-to-customer relationships.
  2. Facebook is introducing video that can be embedded, and therefore shared very easily across the web. Potential YouTube killer?
  3. Today LiveRail announced that it will help monetize mobile display ads. This includes the Facebook Audience Network.
  4. Marketers using Facebook’s App Events product now have access to Analytics for Apps, a mobile tool that provides cross-device insights into user behavior.
  5. Facebook will be supporting spherical videos in News Feed soon, and with Oculus.
  6. Introducing… Share Sheet! This is a new feature that allows content previews, sharing to Groups and Messenger, and friend tagging.
  7. Parse is launching a set of SDKs for the Internet of Things. It’s also releasing reference SDKs to allow for chips to have built-in SDKs.
  8. Last month, Facebook introduced a new platform for developers to share information about attacks, called Threat Exchange.

Nanigans mobile circle


While F8 is primarily a showcase for Facebook’s new developer-friendly products, it also serves as a spotlight for Facebook’s major partners and success stories. Yesterday Sheng Fu, the CEO of Nanigans investor Cheetah Mobile, joined the F8 live stream to discuss how Facebook has helped the mobile tools provider boost its MAU base across China, India, the US and Europe, and improve its eCPM through the Facebook Audience Network. Sheng Fu shared that “The eCPM of the Facebook Audience Network is maybe two times or three times better than other networks” and that Cheetah’s mobile revenue grew 610% last year as the company worked closely with Facebook to push forward with its mission of making smartphones speedier, simpler and safer for users.

For more on Cheetah Mobile and Nanigans new investment round, check out our Series B Announcement.

For more on the F8 conference, take a look at Facebook’s Videos On Demand library.

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