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Why All Marketing is Now Mobile Marketing

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

Programmatic. Viewability. Omnichannel. Big data. The advertising industry loves buzzwords. Buzzwords capture what’s trending in the minds of digital marketers and offer a common language for conversations around the next big thing. “Mobile” has been a buzzword for ages, always touted as the next revolution in advertising. But it’s 2015, and it’s official: the mobile majority isn’t coming; it’s already here.

For years, as smartphones and tablet growth has exploded across the globe, the importance of considering mobile as part of any smart advertising strategy has grown significantly.

Today however, digital advertising is mobile advertising.

It no longer makes sense to treat mobile as a distinct aspect of your campaigns, and the most effective advertisers are integrating mobile into every aspect of their strategy.

New data from eMarketer shows that 2015 is the year when the surging mobile market finally catches up to desktop in terms of US digital ad spend. With desktop and mobile digital ad spend virtually equal this year at just under $30 billion each, advertising truly is a mobile-first business from this point forward. As you can see, desktop ad spending is projected to remain relatively flat while the sky is the limit on mobile.

2014 was the first year that US adults spent more digital media time on mobile (2 hours, 51 minutes) than on desktop (2 hours, 12 minutes). This year the tide of ad dollars is finally following suit.

In the display ad world, the most forward thinking marketers are already bringing digital advertising in-house with sophisticated software to manage unified campaigns across desktop and mobile devices. They recognize that the biggest players in the industry—Facebook and Twitter among them—transformed into mobile-first companies years ago. 69% of Facebook’s advertising revenue now comes from mobile, bolstered by the company’s relentless focus on building technology to unlock ROI for marketers where their customers are spending the most time. On Twitter, mobile accounts for an impressive 88% of ad sales.

eMarketer reports that Facebook and Twitter combined will dominate the US digital display ad market with 33% share by 2017. Advertisers investing in cross-device, multichannel solutions today are future-proofing their in-house advertising infrastructure for tomorrow.

The revolution that started with mobile-first consumers and sparked a paradigm shift to mobile-first publishers has finally reached its logical conclusion: mobile-first advertisers.

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