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Data Control and Cost Transparency, Brought To You By the Nanigans Reporting API

Written by: Gabe Donnini, Optimization Analyst

The Nanigans Reporting API enables you to get full access to your campaign summary and transaction-level data in a way that is transparent, flexible and customizable.

With the Nanigans Reporting API you can:

  • Extract data programmatically and monitor campaign performance in near real-time
  • Quickly integrate and implement solutions
  • Conveniently access cross-channel reporting via AdLevel and EventLevel methods to tailor your reports directly for your business – 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Save time by automating complex and customized reporting tasks

There are three fundamental pillars to using the Nanigans Reporting API successfully:

  1. Nanigans Reporting API setup and integration
  2. Differentiating between the AdLevel and EventLevel methods
  3. Building Reporting API queries

Setup and Integration

To get started using the Nanigans Reporting API, your account director will link you with a member of the Nanigans Analytics team. You will be provided with a set of credentials and turnkey code snippets (in PHP, Python and more!), which will begin retrieving data from the Nanigans Reporting API within minutes. You will also receive custom support.

The Nanigans Reporting API returns data in the form of a JSON object – so integration is simple and standardized for your developers.

AdLevel and EventLevel Methods

The Nanigans Reporting API supports pulling data at the campaign level and transaction level:

  • The AdLevel method provides campaign summary data from Budget Pool, to Gender or Age, all the way down to Placement ID. This method provides complete transparency in reporting across any combination of dimensions or metrics found in the Nanigans Reporting API documentation.
  • The EventLevel method provides transaction level data tied to your campaigns. With the EventLevel method you can gain user-level insight into your Mobile and Desktop campaigns.

Building API Queries

Here are the three main steps to building a Reporting API query:

1. Inputting Credentials

Your account director will provide you with customer-specific Nanigans Reporting API credentials which will enable complete access to your data. Plug these credentials into your provided turnkey script and you will be ready to go!

2. Selecting a Date Range

When querying the API you have complete access to all of your AdLevel data, and access to your EventLevel data based on source restrictions and requirements. The Reporting API will return data for any applicable date. To query multiple dates, loop over the desired date range.

3. Selecting Desired Fields

When querying the AdLevel or EventLevel API, you can query any selection of desired metrics or dimensions listed in the Nanigans Reporting API documentation (available to customers via our Help Center). Be aware that the number of fields you select will impact the run time of your query.

If your call to the Nanigans Reporting API was successful, the API will return the requested data. Any errors will be accompanied by a specific status which will describe the error. Here is an example of what a successful AdLevel or EventLevel API call might look like:

Nanigans Reporting API

With the Nanigans Reporting API, in-house advertisers can create sophisticated daily or hourly reports, identify performance optimizations in campaigns, or uncover deep audience insights. Whether querying for a single day or an entire suite of demographic features, the Nanigans Reporting API gives complete control over data and transparency into market costs and return on investment.

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