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Facebook’s Audience Network Extends Ad Reach By 5-10%

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

We’re all about the data here at Nanigans, and investigating new options for boosting ad reach is our forte. To that end, our Marketing and Analytics team recently combined forces to study the effects of leveraging the Facebook Audience Network.

For those who aren’t familiar, Facebook’s Audience Network extends the reach of a Facebook ad campaign and the associated targeting criteria to mobile apps outside of Facebook — allowing marketers to reach potential customers and re-engage with existing fans wherever they are, which is especially important given how fragmented mobile engagement has become.

This is exemplified by a Forrester study which found that U.S. users, in aggregate, still spend more time on Facebook than any other app, but also access a bevy of others frequently. As seen below, Facebook, YouTube, Maps, Pandora and Gmail collectively represent 28% of total app time spent.

Time Spent in Mobile Apps, 2015

The Nanigans Study

For the purposes of our study, we investigated whether the Audience Network could benefit in-house advertisers leveraging our advertising automation software for their ecommerce, mobile gaming, and lead generation campaigns. Specifically, we conducted an aggregate analysis focused exclusively on best practices for mobile app install campaigns.

After randomly selecting five of our highest-paying ecommerce and mobile gaming customers, the Analytics team catalogued differences in Cost per Install (CPI) over the course of a month. In order to make this a fair comparison, we employed the same audience targeting strategies used on Feed (Custom Audiences, Lookalikes, etc). These five customers included local and international advertisers.

The Bottom Line

After compiling the results, the study provided some interesting takeaways. Facebook’s Audience Network:

  • Drove a 3% decrease in CPI and an 8% increase in volume for mobile app install ads
  • Generated 7% cost savings for ecommerce clients
  • Delivered 10% cost savings to hard/mid core gaming clients

The data suggest that Facebook’s Audience Network provides performance comparable to the Facebook News Feed. As such, marketers should feel comfortable using Facebook’s Audience Network as an extension of current inventory options.

In practice, if you are looking to scale a particularly successful campaign or campaigns, the Audience Network can be a terrific means of expanding reach from Facebook to additional mobile audiences via in-app ads.

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