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The 5 Most Frequently Searched Queries in Nanigans Software Help Center

Written by: Michelle Stern, VP Sales Operations and Channel Partnerships

The Nanigans help center is a one-stop digital marketing shop, providing customers with on-demand articles and videos covering topics as varied as mobile RTB and data integration. For campaign managers with specific questions, the FAQ section is often a popular destination. Curious about what our most frequently searched questions and features are? Read on.

1. How do I integrate with Nanigans Reporting API?

Many customers inquire about how to plug into our reporting API because we offer the ability to get customizable ad level or event level data that’s meaningful to their businesses. It’s easy to do – it just requires implementing a turnkey code snippet (available in multiple programming languages). Any time there are updates, we do the work on our end. Some of the benefits of our API include 24/7 access to this data and the ability to combine this data with your other marketing channels. For more information, one of my colleagues recently wrote an in-depth blog post on the topic.

2. Which dynamic parameters can I pass in a URL?

Nanigans enables customers to pass through dynamic parameters in their URLs to aid in analysis of audience segments. This analysis often leads to actionable insights that improve return on investment. It’s a marketer’s paradise with around 70 parameters to choose from; here is just a sampling of data you can obtain at the ad level:

  • Demographics (age, country, gender)
  • Creative components (image, body, title)
  • Targeting (custom audience, interests, retargeting groups)

For many of the parameters, you can decide how you’d like the data to display so that it’s consistent with your other reporting. For example, you can report on gender where male is designated as “M” and female as “F” or where male is “1” and female is “2”.

3. Nanigans SDK

The Nanigans SDK helps you better understand customers’ lifetime value by capturing key events, such as purchases, registrations, or downloads. Our platform can then automatically optimize campaigns with mobile app data and do so across different device types. Customers are increasingly using multiple devices and Nanigans helps you track, retarget and reengage your most valuable mobile app users across any number of devices. And this is all done in near real-time.

The Nanigans mobile SDK is also complimentary, saving you on third party tracking costs.  To find more information on the benefits of a direct integration with your marketing automation software, see this insightful article.

4. Stop Loss

Marketing automation is a wonderful means for optimizing your ad dollars. However, marketers will generally want to have some assurance that specific ads won’t go too far off the rails in terms of the defined performance goals. That’s where Nanigans stop loss feature comes into play – it pauses down ads that are exceeding your target CPA or not meeting your yield goal.

Nanigans allows you to select how far you’re willing to go beyond your goal before pausing an ad. For example, if using Stop Loss on a CPA goal of $3.00, entering 20% means any ad with a CPA over $3.60 will be paused. For Stop Loss on a yield goal of 200%, entering 50% means any ad with a yield lower than 150% will be paused.

In addition, Nanigans won’t just pause an ad for which it’s only acquired a handful of clicks. Rather, you indicate your data significance requirements in the software before an ad gets paused.

5. Creative Testing

The ability to multivariate test in an automated fashion is a necessity for today’s online marketers. Nanigans has a feature that enables customers to find the best performing ads per audience while automatically pausing down underperforming ads and activating new ones in their place.

The Nanigans user can decide how many ads to test at a time and how many resulting winners to have, measuring success by the metric that impacts business the most. Important to all testing of course is data significance, and our customers are able to input their preference here as well.

In summary, these are just the top five most searched topics in our help center. Get a full overview of what Nanigans has to offer:

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