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How Online Retailer Adore Me Reached 1,500 New Customers in 5 Days

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing


Adore Me, the “New Face of Lingerie,” is disrupting the world of fashion by producing designer bras and sleepwear at affordable prices.  While the brand may not yet be a household name, its star is on the rise. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Adore Me saw a 15X increase in new member registrations through Facebook, but that was nothing compared to Cyber Monday — their biggest day ever for site traffic and purchases. Here’s the story of how a data-driven company managed to scale its daily spend while boosting site traffic 40X.


new customers acquired


unique purchases


increase in new member registrations


boost in site traffic

The Goal

Since 2011, Adore Me has been selling sexy lingerie online, including designer bras and sleepwear. New to the lingerie industry, Adore Me is focused on acquiring new customers and expanding its member base. With a reach of over 40 million women aged 18-36 in the US, Facebook advertising is a natural fit to engage with their audience.

In Q4 of 2014, the online retailer wanted to benefit from enhanced shopper interest and site traffic during Cyber Week. Their goal was to come out ahead in terms of cost per new member purchase while competing against eCommerce brands that dramatically ramp up spend during this time. Adore Me’s unique challenge was to scale up overall volume while not sacrificing their new member purchase KPI target, with a secondary goal of gathering email addresses. It’s important to note that new member signups and purchases signify not only a one-time interaction with Adore Me, but the start of a long-term relationship with the retailer’s personalized showrooms, which showcase dozens of new styles every month.

Using the Nanigans placement analysis tool made managing a campaign of this scale as easy as another day at the office.

Jared Pyle, Online Marketing Associate, Adore Me

Adore Me Suite CaseThe Strategy


Between Nanigans’ Affinity Analysis tool and the Facebook Audience Insights tool, Adore Me uncovered a correlation between sorority membership and signups, as well as the importance of relationship and gender targeting. These insights led to improved ad performance due to increased audience relevance.


To ensure a smooth customer journey from ad click to landing page signup, Adore Me relaunched its site template on Black Friday with an all-black theme, and again on Cyber Monday with more of a wintery spin. It also launched Cyber Week ads featuring all-new copy, promotions, and creative. The messaging focused on percentages off, limited time offers, comparisons of sales vs. regular pricing, and a callout of the retailer’s free shipping policy.


Advertising automation software makes it easy to iterate on thousands of ads — but great power requires greater capacity. Adore Me leveraged Optimized Budgeting and Automated Bidding functionality in Nanigans to automatically allocate budget to ads with high engagement, and reduce budget to ads that were not performing as well. The online retailer also used Nanigans’ image comparison and audience comparison filtering tools to quickly identify trends in spend and performance, surfacing whether the best-performing images were subscription related rather than model related, and if certain themes in copy performed better over time. Adore Me’s use of Optimized Budgeting and Automated Bidding in Nanigans during Thanksgiving weekend allowed the retailer to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace during key hours, fully exploiting top performing creative, copy, and targeting.

The Results

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for online retailers to shine on digital. While search advertising sells people presents they’re already looking for, social media exposes people to gifts they may not have thought of, and brands they’re not familiar with. Through Nanigans and Facebook, Adore Me gained 1,500 new customers in a 5-day span, as well as:

  • 2,500 unique purchases
  • 15X increase in new member registrations
  • 40X boost in site traffic

Adore Me

We knew that our message would reach our customers and cut through all the noise of the holiday season, thanks to Facebook’s advanced targeting options.

Chloé Chanudet, VP Marketing, Adore Me

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