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Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: Yondy Thong

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Anatomy of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing blog series showcasing top talent in the field of digital advertising.

Great in-house advertisers are the lifeblood of digital business growth. They are methodical and analytical, using results from real-time reporting to iterate on best-performing creative and copy as well as to identify under-performing campaigns. A seasoned performance marketing specialist is expected to wear many hats, and may be responsible for a significant percentage of spend (resulting in significant company growth).

What’s it like to run social media advertising campaigns in Southeast Asia? We asked Head of Facebook Marketing Yondy Thong for his take.

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What do you enjoy about being the Head of Facebook Marketing, and what were you doing before you took this position?

I love the team and challenges. Nothing could be more enjoyable than working with people who have the same passion as you. Especially when those people are professionals equipped with the best skill set proficiency in the region, sharing the same goal of growing the company with you.

I have always been in digital marketing, with a focus on direct response and ROI. I started my career off with hands-on experience optimizing and expanding multiple in-house search engine marketing and Facebook marketing accounts.

What is a typical day in the life for your role?

My role is leading customer acquisition efforts through Facebook advertising. We always start with an overall performance review for each country market, followed by an action plan for improving performance in the coming week. We drill down on the important segments: desktop/mobile site/mobile app, funnel steps: top funnel/retargeting, gender and age, custom audiences, and creatives. It is important that we also look at multiple frequency and lookback windows — monthly, weekly, and daily — to understand long-term performance while capturing short-term spikes.

In between there are weekly face to face or over the phone meetings with external partners (mainly Facebook and Nanigans) to discuss initiatives for boosting performance, ad insights, vertical benchmarking, or new beta products for implementation. I also work cross-functionally; with the local marketing team to coordinate localized tactical campaigns, the BI team to coordinate reporting insights and takeaways, and the dev team for all tech implementation.

Closer to the end of the week, I will have a meeting with our Head of Online Marketing and other online marketing channel leads to share the highlights of the week, performance review, success stories, test results, and progress on new initiatives.

What is your favorite Nanigans software feature, and how does it assist you with your daily tasks?

Nanigans has the best reporting tool I have ever seen, delivering all the flexibility and speed of a pivot table.


A performance marketer has to ensure that all decisions are data-driven, so reporting is the most critical feature. Nanigans has the best reporting tool I have ever seen, delivering all the flexibility and speed of a pivot table. In the past, we always had one analytics/measurement dashboard and a separate publisher platform for actions. Nanigans bring the reporting capability to the next level by integrating data and action in one dashboard, giving users the access to analyze the performance and take actions seamlessly.

How can companies attract and develop in-house advertising talent like yours?

What attracts me the most is the opportunity to learn; every day is a new challenge and there is no day when I can say “I am bored with what I am doing.” Company culture has to highly support growth, ensuring the freedom and flexibility to test and challenge the status quo. Being the best marketers in the region and staying ahead of others in development is also an important goal.

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