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3 Ways The Nanigans SDK Takes Mobile Games To The Next Level

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The world of mobile gaming is a competitive place. In the Apple App Store, over 21% of all the store’s active apps are games, making mobile gaming the most popular category by far. With so much competition, it’s more vital than ever that attract high-value users to your games via strategic social and mobile advertising. The Nanigans Software Development Kit (SDK) closes the loop on attribution, enabling app developers to build a full story of the lifetime value (LTV) of their users, and leverage that data automatically and in real-time to feed in-app behavioral data back into ad campaign optimization.

Read on for more on how to harness the power of the Nanigans SDK to deliver long-term digital advertising success.


1. Up your game

Our free mobile tracking tool can help you follow users’ paths through your game. Equipping your team with downstream information, like how frequently users open your game, how many levels they complete or what triggers them to make an in-app purchase, is critical in uncovering ways to improve the user experience. Real-time tracking means that this data is available hours ahead of other reporting solutions, so you can take action on drop-off trends or accelerated purchase rates as they develop.


2. The gateway to Lifetime Value

It’s one thing to find new users, but finding the right new users is much more challenging. User behavior data provided by the Nanigans SDK can be used in a number of ways within our advertising automation software to target audiences who will deliver the greatest LTV:

  • Revenue Optimization bidding enables mobile gaming companies like Scopely to focus on long-term yield rather than low CPI
  • Nanigans Creative Tester takes the guessing out of testing new creative and copy combinations, so you can effectively manage top-performing ads
  • Cohort Analysis uncovers high-value gaming audiences that can be cloned for future titles.


3. No gamer left behind

Once you’ve acquired users for your game, you can amp up your ROI by ensuring that they’re continually engaged. Boost the number of Daily Active Users (DAU) by using data from the Nanigans SDK to retarget gamers (for example, those who have not been active in the last 30 days), using fresh ad creative to inspire lapsed users to get back into the game. Plus, Nanigans software helps you retarget those users across multiple devices, so that you can reach them as they move across smartphones and tablets.

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