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Which Type Of Facebook Ad Is Right For You?

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

So you want to advertise on Facebook. Great! Now the most important question is what type of ad should you run? Facebook offers many types of ad choices that are each tailored to help you reach specific direct response goals. Read on to determine which ad type is the best choice based on your objectives.

I want people to take a specific action on my website

Facebook’s Page Post Link ads allow you to send people to important sections of your website, like product landing pages, special sales or lead gen forms. These ads can be displayed on the desktop right hand rail, or in the mobile and desktop News Feeds. You have the choice to feature either an image or a video. You can also include a call to action (CTA) button like “Watch More,” “Book Now,” or “Contact Us,” encouraging people to complete a certain action on your site. Want to know if Facebook users actually complete that action once they’re directed to your website by your ad? Installing conversion-tracking pixels can help you measure your results.

I want people to buy my products

Facebook’s Carousel ads are a great option for displaying multiple products in one ad unit. Each unit showcases 3-5 products, with the option of including the price of each product in the ad. When clicked, users are directed to specific locations on your site.  Facebook recommends that all your images relate to one theme in each ad, but don’t be afraid to try different creative strategies, like storytelling or sequencing. While these ads can be displayed on both desktop and mobile News Feeds,  we recommend running them on mobile only when you have a mobile-optimized website to direct traffic to.

I want people to install my app

Whether you have a mobile or desktop app, you can get more installs with Facebook’s App Install ads. Ads for mobile apps will only appear on mobile News Feeds, and can feature an image or a video. Ads for desktop apps will only appear in desktop News Feeds and the right-hand column, but cannot be displayed on mobile devices. Desktop app ads can also feature either an image or video. Ads for mobile and desktop apps can also feature a CTA button with text like “Install Now” or “Play Game.” Before running any App Install ads, be sure to register your app with Facebook so you can set a cost per click (CPC) action bid. That way, you’ll only pay when people install your app from a Facebook ad. Also, your star rating from the App Store or Google Play will automatically show on your ad.

I want people to re-engage with my app

App Engagement ads are designed to help you draw lapsed users back to your app. Ads for mobile apps will only run on mobile News Feeds, and can feature an image or video (make sure to showcase your most enticing products to lure back customers!). You also have the option of adding a CTA button encouraging users to take a specific action. Ads for desktop apps also feature images or videos, and can only run in desktop News Feeds or in the column to the right. Like the ads for mobile apps, they can feature a CTA button. Your star rating from the App Store or Google Play will automatically show on your ad.


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