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How Online Retailers Can Avoid Mobile Shopping Cart Abandonment

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

You select an eye-catching image. You pair it with some great copy. You match your ad to a worthy mobile audience. You deploy the campaign. You get a lot of clicks, but your conversion rate is low. Puzzled? You’re not alone. According to MarketLive’s latest Performance Index, mobile phone ecommerce traffic surged 269% in Q1 2015, but 90% of smartphone carts were abandoned. How can online marketers avoid the curse of cart abandonment? We’ve gathered a few stats from UPS’s 50-page  Pulse of the Online Shopper report to help:

Put Shipping Costs Center Stage

Top reasons for online shopping cart abandonment

While it’s true that smartphones and tablets are getting larger in size (and therefore easier to interact with), mobile shoppers are still at a disadvantage when it comes to online navigation, compared to desktop. Including price comparisons and zoom-in enabled images is important, but there’s one detail that can really impact the mobile path to purchase: Shipping.

Whether you provide a flat rate, free delivery with a certain purchase level, or variable rates depending on location, make sure you spell out any shipping costs upfront. As an online shopper, there’s nothing worse than going through the whole mobile ordering process only to find out you can’t afford the cost of delivery.

Provide Easy Access to Product Reviews

There are many reasons why user-generated reviews are a great tactic for online retailers to leverage:

  • Product reviews ecommerceShoppers tend to trust the opinions of their peers
  • Some shoppers refuse to buy pricier items such as electronics without first reading reviews
  • High ratings boost the likelihood that a product will sell

Most importantly, good reviewers will include detailed information that helps set other shoppers’ expectations. When a shopper knows what to expect from a purchase, they are less likely to make a return.

Leverage Email Remarketing Tactics

Email most effective for promotions

Online retailers who don’t make use of “abandoned shopping cart” Website Custom Audiences to retarget potential customers through email are missing out on a huge opportunity. Following up with a friendly “Hey, you left something behind” message and a special offer – such as free shipping or a discount – can go a long way towards closing the gap.

With purchases on smartphones expected to increase 12% in 2015, and $4 trillion in abandoned shopping cart items up for grabs, simplifying the mobile consumer experience is entirely worth the investment.

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