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Why Mobile Gaming Developers Should Invest Spend In Mobile App Install Carousel Ads

Written by: Sarah Hunt, Account Manager

Facebook made a big splash when it announced Carousel Link Ads (formerly known as Multi-Product Ads) in 2014 – not only a fresh unit for brands to explore and test, but a chance to reach audiences in a unique way. Online retailers immediately flocked to the format, and with good reason – the multi-image capabilities of digital carousel link ads align very neatly with the traditional print catalog structure of yore. With the more recent addition of mobile app install capability to the Carousel Link ad unit, we’ve been getting a lot of buzz from our mobile gaming customers, who have seized the opportunity to showcase their apps from multiple angles. Much in the same way that app store previews provide a window into gameplay, Mobile App Install Carousel Ads give prospective gamers a taste of what they’ll experience post-install. Although only 5 images at most will be shown to users, advertisers have the option to select up to 10 images if they leverage Facebook’s carousel optimization. Mobile App Install Carousel Ads on Facebook

Reasons Why Mobile Gaming Developers Should Invest Spend In Mobile App Install Carousel Ads

  1. Carousel ads are the newest Facebook format currently available for mobile advertisers. Since the ads require people to flip through pictures, users are easily drawn into interacting with these ad units. Carousel ads allow the advertiser to tell an engaging story through the use of multiple photos and body text.
  2. Facebook’s carousel optimization will maximize the performance of ads by selecting and ordering the best-performing images and links for each person who sees the ad.
  3. Gaming advertisers are seeing improved CTRs.
  4. It’s important to stay competitive in the market by leveraging new Facebook features.

Creative Strategies To Test Out

1. Creative images that succinctly tell a story and engage users:

  • Show the progression of characters at different levels
  • Show different stages of game play
  • Show one large engaging landscape view that is divided into the individual images so the user has to scroll through images to see the entire view.

2. Leverage Facebook’s optimization to select the best images:

  • Promote deals and special promotions
  • Showcase in-game action and gameplay on devices

With a more flexible creative canvas, higher interaction rates, and more chances to drive the acquisition of high-value users on mobile, app developers should be adding Mobile App Install Carousel Ads to their advertising mix. For tips on images and copy that will attract gamers, we recommend checking out this post by Nanigans Graphic Designer Dan Wong:  “Size Does Matter: Gaming Creative Best Practices For Mobile and Desktop.”

Image Credit: Alexander Supertramp /

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