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Mobile Gaming Case Study Roundup: Playdemic, Scopely, InnoGames and Kabam

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Since 2010, Nanigans has helped mobile gaming companies reach their customer acquisition and monetization goals through robust targeting, automation, reporting, and optimization tools. Along the way we have learned a lot about what metrics app developers care about and what strategies work best for long-term success. In case you’ve missed our most recent case studies, here are some quick takeaways:


How To Avoid Ad Fatigue With Creative Iteration

Ad blindness is an issue that many social media advertisers face. In order to combat audience saturation, Playdemic makes it a priority to focus on strong creative components. Generating a lot of quality images and copy allows them to continuously test and tweak what works best for their target users. They’ve found that seasonal relevance works well.

Playdemic creative best practices

Scopely ad creativeScopely

Most game launches go through several stages of lifecycle, and it’s important that app developers have access to software that pivots along the way:

Phase 1: Acquisition

By bulk creating and managing top-performing ads for all geographies and leveraging Nanigans optimization algorithms, Scopely was able to achieve their CPI targets.

Phase 2: Monetization

Using data gleaned from the Nanigans SDK during Slots Vacation’s growth stage, Scopely was able to apply Revenue Optimization parameters to its campaign—in this case, optimizing towards and hitting 3-day yield.

Phase 3: Retargeting

Once it’s used to look at install rates during the acquisition phase, the Nanigans SDK can also be used to look at downstream events like when a particular cohort opens an app, when a user reaches a particular level, or spends a certain amount of money. In the third phase of a game title’s life cycle, these metrics serve for retargeting acquired customers who have slowed or ceased in-app activity. As monetization hits a plateau, Facebook’s Custom Audiences functionality helps gaming companies like Scopely reach out to lapsed users and keep interest up long after launch.

InnoGames Forge of EmpiresInnoGames

Advanced Customization

The ability to implement unique tracking parameters and optimize bids at a granular level via Audience Overrides can bring already strong campaign performance to the next level. Being able to easily identify high-value users and spend what’s necessary to acquire them is an important capability for all app developers.


When Facebook rolls out a new ad unit, savvy marketers will jump at the chance to test out performance against existing options. Kabam launched a comprehensive analysis of mobile app install (MAI) video ad performance vs. image-based MAI ad units using three different male age groups in the US.

What resulted were extremely valuable insights and an indication of where to boost campaign spend in the future:

For deeper dives into what we’ve learned from working with some of the biggest names in mobile gaming, visit our Resource Center.

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