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Social Media Lead Generation: 5 Ways to Succeed

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

At 1.49 billion MAUs, Facebook is a powerhouse in the social media world. Huge user base aside, it gives advertisers unparallelled access to user data – from age, gender, location and interests to relationship status and occupation. Whether you’re in the home insurance, financial services,  online education or subscription services industry, Facebook has a wealth of information that can be used to boost ad relevance; a major factor in the success of any lead generation campaign.

Of course, there are many other factors that affect how well your audience responds to a direct response ad. Here are just a few to keep in mind:

1. Personality

Online education

There are a ton of online services in the marketplace today. What differentiates you from your competitors?

One way to stand out in the crowd is to make sure your company values are reflected in your advertising (this is particularly important when marketing to image-sensitive millennials).

If you want to be seen as trustworthy, funny, innovative or niche, let your brand’s personality shine through.

In this example, Digital Marketer is clearly aiming for humor; a tried and true approach to generating a positive response from viewers.

2. Specificity

Geo targeted social media lead generationMost advertisers have the targeting basics down, but geo location and seasonality are two key components of advertising that can sometimes be overlooked.

What’s more likely to get someone’s attention – a lead generation ad geared toward females ages 25-35, or a lead generation ad geared toward females ages 25-35 in Massachusetts?

As you’ll note, this ad not only scores high in location relevance; it also incorporates a time-sensitive deadline, lending a sense of urgency to the ad.

3. Images

Online edu lead gen facebookWhether you’re aiming for an insurance quote request, online class enrollment or credit card signup, convincing prospects to take an action is priority #1.

Getting your target audience to envision themselves using your service is half the battle.

While the previous ad showed a student studying, this one cuts straight to a success story — graduation.

It’s much easier to convince someone to click if you’re visually reminding them of their long-term goal.

4. Copy

Lead generation on FacebookAs previously noted, social media presents companies with a real opportunity to get in front of their dream lead. Now what?

Knowing what your audience cares about is critical to converting a lead.

In this instance, NatureBox is appealing to a health-conscious customer with its copy.

They also make it easy to identify their subscription service by calling out what they deliver (snacks) over the image.

5. Landing Page Alignment

credit card soxial media lead generation No one wants a bait and switch when they click an ad.

If you’ve reeled someone in with your personality, images, targeting and copy, make sure you start building their trust upfront by showing them what they expect to see.

In this example, CapitalOne directs credit card seekers to a landing page that aligns specifically with the ad campaign they are running, with messaging that is very similar (“See if you’re prequalified for a card in less than 60 seconds”).

For more advice on how to attract and convert leads on social media, check out “5 Landing Page Tips To Maximize Your Lead Gen Advertising Budget.”

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.
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