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2015 Facebook Advertising Holiday Trend Preview for Ecommerce

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

For large online retailers, the summer months are less about fun in the sun, and more about planning for the holiday season several months away. The questions ecommerce companies often grapple with in digital advertising relate to everything from budget allocation to campaign creative strategy to targeting mix.

To give ecommerce performance marketers more insight into holiday advertising trends, we’ve run a thorough analysis comparing non-holiday and holiday campaign performance on Facebook.

In this report, we dig into the 2014 Facebook advertising activity across in-house advertising teams leveraging Nanigans software, a sample that consists of hundreds of millions of dollars in Facebook ad spend and resulting purchases.

What’s inside the report

Uncover some surprising holiday advertising trends, and the answer to these key questions:

  • How does holiday buying behavior change?
  • How and when does the cost of driving purchases change?
  • How does ad engagement change?
  • How does ad spend shift?

Download the report for the Facebook advertising trends you need to know as you plan ahead for the year’s busiest online shopping season.

Download the Report

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