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Facebook Relevance Score: 3 Tactics to Boost Your Ad Effectiveness

Written by: Naveed Janvekar, Analytics

Our last Relevance Score post touched on some of the basic things marketers need to know about the metric and how it relates to campaign strategy. In this article we look a bit more in depth regarding what precise tactics advertisers can leverage to boost an ad’s relevance to their target market.

1. Use gender-specific targeting when possible

As a general rule, a Relevance Score tends to be higher for ads utilizing gender-specific targeting when compared to those using non gender-specific targeting. This is largely intuitive, as gender-specific marketing campaigns are much more likely to be relevant to that audience. For marketers targeting both males and females, don’t be afraid to build out separate campaigns for each gender.

2. Keep your age range narrow

Relevance Score shares an inverse relationship with the breadth of the targeted age range. Ads targeted to an age range of just a few years are likely to be more relevant than those with 10-year ranges; this may be due to the fact that as the age bands for a given set of ads decrease, the audience is increasingly refined, and inherently will view the ad content as more relevant.

For advertisers seeking to improve the relevance of their campaigns, it is recommended to conduct customer segmentation analysis to identify the ideal age range of your target consumer. Focusing on the age ranges where you have the greatest level of interest will help ensure that your ads remain relevant.

3. Don’t neglect creative testing

Relevance Scores are yet another reason to split test your ad creative – they’re a great way to confidently measure whether your Facebook ads are performing at the highest level.

Some items to test against, as we’ve observed them keeping Relevance Scores high in the past:

  • Keeping the description of the product being advertised brief and succinct
  • Using compelling images
  • Displaying your logo within the ad
  • Capitalization of offers and words (e.g. FREE, DISCOUNT)
  • Always including a clear call-to-action in your ads, as that’s a proven way to drive more user actions from your target audience

Be sure to use the creative tips mentioned above as jumping off points for testing, as they have each in some form helped attract greater action rates for various advertisers. And remember: Focusing your campaign strategy on specific target audiences, rather than trying to hit broad market segments, is key to achieving a good Relevance Score. As a higher Relevance Score is tied to the potential growth of an advertiser’s success, it is worth regarding the metric not as a result, but as a way to effectively gauge your progress advertising on Facebook.

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