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5 Simple Ways to Increase Sales and Maximize Revenue with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

The retargeting market is large — and growing rapidly. In order to keep pace with demand from digital advertisers, Facebook has released Dynamic Product Ads — a new ad unit that automatically promotes relevant products sourced from a brand’s catalog to customers who have shown an interest in them. The diagram below is a simplistic illustration of how the process works: Facebook Dynamic Product Ad

Natural Use Cases for DPAs

The potential of Dynamic Product Ads is clear, and there are infinite possibilities to increase incremental ROI through retargeting. While over time your data-driven marketing team will find sophisticated, multi-layered strategies for DPAs that are unique to your business goals, these simple ideas are a great place to start:

1. Convert more add-to-carts into purchases

If someone abandons a pair of shoes in their shopping cart, inspire them to complete the purchase with an ad for the same pair of shoes, or a selection of similar ones.

2. Fuel discovery of similar products in any given category

After a shopper searches your site for a new premium coffee maker, you can dynamically retarget them with an ad displaying other brands or models they haven’t seen yet.

3. Cross-sell complementary products

Retarget buyers of new printers who did not also purchase ink within the last 60 days using DPAs for various ink cartridges, tailored to the specific printer model they purchased.

4. Increase purchase frequency with your top customers

When a customer buys a shirt of a particular style or brand, leverage DPAs to promote similar shirts to drive future repeat purchases.

5. Grow average order value by upselling products with higher margins

Promote DPAs showcasing designer handbags to shoppers who have recently browsed less expensive handbags on your site.

With all the power of Facebook profile targeting, mobile newsfeed placement, plus single- and multi-product ad formats, this flexible new ad unit is the ideal solution for direct response advertisers looking to activate prospects and reactivate current customers. When paired with Nanigans advertising automation capabilities, the opportunities for boosting return on ad spend are endless.

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