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Secrets to Achieving and Scaling Instagram Advertising Success

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Digital marketers are just starting to dip their toes into the big pool of potential that is Instagram advertising. Already many brands have seen positive results by advertising to Instagram’s 400 million monthly active users. Yet if marketers want to scale these promising results, they need to know which tactics and targeting strategies work best so they can grow campaigns in a successful and sustainable way. Aside from real-time feedback on ad performance, the ability to customize metrics, iteratively build ads based on best historical performance, and benefit from surfacing cross-channel learnings, Nanigans provides many resources that can help marketers achieve their Instagram ad goals:

Cohort Analysis - Nanigans Tools to Scale Instagram Advertising1. Cohort Analysis

Before scaling your marketing campaigns on Instagram, you’ll want to run a cohort analysis. This powerful tool breaks up data of common characteristics or experiences into related advertising segments called cohorts and visualizes the data so you can easily identify patterns across the lifecycle of a customer. With Nanigans, you can further investigate why some groups of users did or didn’t perform well. By identifying top performing ads and deciphering what made them a success, you can replicate those attributes to ensure that your future ads drive similar results.

Creative Testing - Nanigans Tools to Scale Instagram Ads2. Creative Testing

Instagram is all about visuals. Because your ad creative will be taking center stage, you want to make sure that you’re paying to put the best possible creative in front of your audience. Creative testing best practices will allow you to cover all your image and copy bases, while our Creative Tester tool automatically compares ad performance to determine which image and copy combinations are best suited to drive your desired results. Thanks to advertising automation, you can feel confident that the best performing ads are receiving the bulk of your budget.

Stop Loss - Nanigans Tools for Instagram Advertising3. Stop Loss

When working towards scaling your Instagram campaigns, you want to make sure that you’re not exceeding your target CPA — or that you are meeting your yield goal. Our Stop Loss protection tool will monitor each individual ad in your campaign and automatically pause ads that are underperforming. If you’d prefer some wiggle room, Nanigans allows you to select how far you’re willing to go beyond your goal before pausing an ad. For example, if using Stop Loss on a CPA goal of $3.00, entering 20% means any ad with a CPA over $3.60 will be paused.

Pixels - Nanigans Tools to Scale Instagram Advertising4. Attribution

What’s your Instagram ad ROI? You can find out by implementing Nanigans tracking pixels to monitor whether a person added an item to a shopping cart, installed an app, signed up for a newsletter, or visited a particular page on your site. That way you can see how effective your ads are at motivating audiences to complete a certain action, and boost the best ones. You can also track downstream revenue through our  SDK, and use that data to optimize your ads for predictive lifetime value to acquire the most profitable customers and make the best use of your mobile marketing spend.

Lookalike Audience - Nanigans Tools to Scale Instagram Advertising5. Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Facebook’s powerful combination of personalized targeting capabilities is every bit as potent on Instagram. Whether you’re looking to retarget lapsed app users or attract new high-value purchasers based on your best and most loyal customers, these features are a direct response advertiser’s dream. Pairing Custom Audiences with Lookalike Audiences takes the guesswork out of scaling user acquisition and retention, leading to increased revenue on Instagram.

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