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Why You Should Take Advantage of Facebook’s Multicultural Affinity Targeting

Written by: Alvaro M. Ferreres, Facebook

The United States is becoming more multicultural each year.

According to the latest Census, Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans make up one-third of the current US population, and minorities are on their way to becoming a majority of Americans by 2043.

Marketers are increasingly recognizing the business imperative behind targeting these multicultural consumers as they are growing not only in number, but in influence as well.

To help companies take advantage of this demographic shift, our team developed a comprehensive multicultural targeting solution to reach these affinity audiences where they spend a large amount of their time online: Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook’s targeting solution is unique in that it is based on affinity. This means that rather than looking at ethnicity based on names or self-identifcation, we look at several inputs in order to assess positive signals that a person may be interested, for example in Hispanic-related content. Furthermore, this capability is readily available to everyone via your Facebook Marketing Partner, Power Editor and Ads Manager, enabling every advertiser to reach these engaged and mobile-centric audiences at scale each day.

In fact, it is very likely that you have been reaching these audiences already as part of your marketing efforts!

Why? Multicultural Affinity audiences on Facebook reflect the composition of the U.S. population. The younger the demographic, the larger the percentage of Multicultural Affinity monthly active users that will be reflected within that general market population.

Why is taking advantage of Multicultural Affinity targeting important?

For example – if you are a company that targets every person in the U.S. aged 25-34 you are very likely to deliver a significant portion of your message to the growing multicultural audience. If your message is not designed with a multicultural audience in mind, it is less likely to resonate with this group.

Given that language and culture are critical when speaking to multicultural audiences, it is important to not only apply the appropriate multicultural targeting solution, but to also craft your ad’s copy and creative “in culture” and “in language” to break through the clutter and drive better business results with relevant and personal content.

How do you begin testing Multicultural Affinity targeting on Facebook?

Step 1: A/B Testing

  • Separate your campaign into two groups – non-multicultural and multicultural – in order to create two non-overlapping, separate groups.
  • Divide your budget between the two groups proportionally to the size of your audience. For example, if your target audience is 35% US Hispanic, allocate 35% of your budget to the US Hispanic affinity.
  • Send the same message to both groups, monitor their performance and establish a baseline for the next step.

Step 2: Test Creative

Repeat step 1, but this time create an ad for the multicultural segment that you want to use. It can be a change in copy or an acculturated video/image or, even better, both!

Step 3: Scale

Keep scaling the media to this audience to maximize results based on your KPI/ROI goals!

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