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6 Reasons Why Facebook Marketers Are Flocking to Dynamic Product Ads

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

We’ve written a lot about some massive shifts in the marketing industry – first, away from traditional print and TV advertising toward programmatic, and second, away from the old agency model toward in-house advertising teams. Another significant shift has been an increasing focus on direct response, where once the majority of digital ad spend was funneled toward branding campaigns. Facebook’s new offering, Dynamic Product Ads, is the latest in a series of offerings from publishers that provide advertisers with powerful tools for driving revenue instead of awareness. Facebook dynamic product ad online retailThere are many explanations for why customers don’t complete an online transaction; it could be a dropped Internet connection on a train, a phone call, a question from a roommate, or any other interruption. Thanks to DPAs, marketers are able to easily retarget desktop and mobile browsers, reminding them of their initial interest and intent to purchase. Below are some additional reasons why Dynamic Product Ads are a game-changer for Facebook advertisers:

1. Time Savings

With Dynamic Product Ads, marketers can dynamically create hundreds of ads based on an existing product catalog. There is no need for manual configuration of individual ads.

2. Relevance

DPAs will show your customers relevant products based on their browsing behavior; this personalized approach boosts the probability of a conversion.

3. Cross-Device

According to VentureBeat, a 69% increase in mobile data usage over the last year has far outpaced marketers’ capabilities to track user behavior across devices. With Dynamic Product Ads, desktop and mobile News Feed tracking and placement means you can get in front of someone regardless of what device they were using when they visited your site or app, and regardless of what device they may have switched to when they log in to Facebook.

4. Set It And Forget It

Dynamic Product Ads are synced to your product catalog, and are automatically updated when you make changes. Therefore, if you run out of inventory during the holidays or place a particular item on sale, you don’t have to worry about editing your ads.

5. Minimize Retargeting Waste

If you’ve ever run an ad for a product that was out of stock, or served an ad to someone who’d already bought the product advertised, you’ll love Dynamic Product Ads. DPAs keep pace with your inventory and track customer actions so you don’t throw your ad budget away.

6. Ad Units Designed To Convert

Whether you’re promoting a single product or multiple products, DPAs contain a message, image, product name, description and link, all aimed at educating and enticing a customer to click and take action on your website or app.

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