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The Marketing Executive’s Guide to Recruiting In-House Digital Advertising Talent [eBook]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

The many benefits of in-house advertising are clear to marketers looking for an alternative to agencies and middlemen. From the more obvious (upfront cost savings and transparency) to the more subtle (direct connection with customer behavior and increased responsiveness to marketplace opportunities), innovative companies are finding concrete value in making the switch.

“There’s a lot of intellectual property that we want to keep internal. And that’s made a lot easier when we’re internal. We really get the inside scoop and we’re able to take action on that, and that’s key.”

KATHY O’DOWD, Programmatic Buying, Netflix

Picking the right advertising automation software is a key factor in achieving in-house advertising success, but recruiting the right people to handle budget, run campaigns, and optimize performance is critical.

To help innovative marketing executives attract and retain all-star digital advertising talent, we’ve put together a recruitment guide based on our five years of experience working with campaign managers and our conversations with the growth marketers that are fueling today’s most successful companies.

What’s inside the guide:

  • What defines an in-house digital advertiser
  • What to look for and where to look for recruitment
  • Tools for the interview process
  • Tips for retaining in-house talent
  • Keys to in-house advertising success

With an open-minded recruiting approach and knowledge of the testing culture that keeps in-house talent engaged, marketing executives worldwide can recruit great talent and set their teams up for success.

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