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4 Ways Travel Companies Can Boost Bookings With Dynamic Product Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The journey to booking a trip is a long and winding one filled with plenty of planning. Because consumers can spend up to two weeks exploring their options before booking a trip, travel companies have a wide window of opportunity to reach them during this research stage. As 84% of travelers continue to flock to Facebook, Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) provide travel companies with the perfect opportunity to retarget them with ads that promote destinations or services that they’ve already shown interest in. Here are just a few ways that travel advertisers can drive more purchases and bookings using Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads.

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1. Travel across devices with your audience

When consumers are planning a trip, they rely on multiple devices. According to Travel Weekly, people generally use mobile devices to research hotels, flights and car rentals. However, when they want to book they typically turn to desktop websites. In fact, Travel Weekly says that last year’s browse-to-book conversion rate jumped 17% for hotel desktop websites, 7% for online travel agencies (OTAs) and 2% for airlines. Because millennials are also prone to research on mobile and book on desktop, it’s more important than ever that you understand the full cycle of this trend in order to reach future generations of travelers. With Dynamic Product Ads, you can make the journey alongside your customers through cross-device tracking and get a complete picture of the research-to-book process.

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2. Deliver more relevant ads

When a traveler researches a particular destination or service on your site, they provide you with an amazing opportunity to reach them with related and appropriate ads. For example, if a person researched (but didn’t book) flights to Ireland on your site, you can retarget them with DPAs that alert them to changed airfares, prompting them to book their trip before prices change again. Retargeting is a great way to remind users of their interest, and nudge them to move from consideration to action.

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3. Sell an entire travel experience in one ad

Once a person books on your site, you can use Dynamic Product Ads to promote complimentary services or activities. For instance, if someone booked a room at a Florida hotel on your site, you can cross-sell them on related services they may need like car rentals, or promote local attractions like nearby amusement parks, restaurants, beaches, or spas. With DPAs, a traveler can swipe through a variety of these options to discover all that a particular destination has to offer.

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4. Upsell products with higher margins

Dynamic Product Ads also provide travel companies with an effective strategy to present upsell opportunities to customers. Let’s say you know that a person has booked a room on a cruise ship for an upcoming vacation. You could use DPAs to promote a nicer and pricier room on the same ship that they could switch to. Or, encourage people who have recently booked an economy seat on a flight to upgrade to a seat in business or first class. These ads are a great way to grow your average order value by upselling products and services with higher margins.

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