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The Ultimate Advertising Checklist For A Merry Holiday Marketing Season

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

It may only be the 3rd of November, but retailers have had snow, Santa and holiday gifts on their minds for weeks. As digital advertisers take steps to prep social media ad campaigns for this year’s holiday retail rush, what items still need to be checked off the to-do list?

Following the steps and tips below will help digital marketers cover all their creative, targeting and budgeting bases – and make this holiday shopping season the most successful one yet!

Preparation - Retail Advertising Holiday Checklist

Ad Units - Retail Advertising Holiday Checklist

  • Set up Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) so you can create powerful remarketing ads that reach people who are browsing for gifts or have abandoned a cart on your site
  • Explore retail-friendly ad formats like Carousel Ads, which let you display multiple products in one ad unit. These can be used to display the perfect gift bundle or share products for every family member

Targeting - Retail Advertising Holiday Checklist

  • Combat cart abandonment by setting up Website Custom Audiences (WCAs)
  • Leverage tiered Lookalike Audiences so you can target ads towards people who look like your best customers and gain additional reach
  • Determine which bid type is best suited for your needs
  • Explore and implement Facebook’s Partner Categories to expand your ads’ reach and get in front of new users
  • Optimize the gift-giving spirit of the season by targeting men’s products to women, and vice versa

Mobile - Retail Advertising Holiday Checklist

  • Consider placing your ads within mobile apps using the Facebook Audience Network or MoPub
  • Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly so users can easily browse and make purchases on smartphones and tablets
  • Set up cross-device tracking so you can understand customer behavior across mobile and desktop

Budgeting - Retail Advertising Holiday Checklist

  • Set up a pacing strategy so you don’t spend your budget too quickly or underdeliver on volume goals
  • Read up on holiday shopping trends and behavior so you can understand how ad engagement, ad spend and the cost of driving purchases will change this holiday season

Creative - Retail Advertising Holiday Checklist

  • Use holiday-themed creative to differentiate your ads from the rest of the year. Put your audience in the holiday shopping spirit by incorporating winter-related elements like snowflakes, bows and holiday gift wrap
  • Drive users to make a purchase on your website with a strong CTA
  • Emphasize the convenience of ordering online. For example: “No need to run to the mall!” or, “Don’t wait in line on Black Friday!”
  • Call out free shipping and any other exclusive discount codes or coupons

Game Time - Retail Advertising Holiday Checklist

  • Leverage Creative Tester to ensure that you’re using the best copy combinations
  • Use Predictive Lifetime Value (PLTV) to ensure that you’re acquiring customers who will have the greatest long-term value to your business
  • Apply Stop Loss so you can automatically pause down ads that are underperforming and avoid wasting money on less-effective ads

The holiday season is the most competitive time of year for online retailers. Arm yourself with the data you need for smart strategic planning this holiday season:

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