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5 Refreshed Instagram Advertising Examples That Customers Can’t Ignore

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Have you created ads that are succeeding on Instagram? Great! Now it’s time to change them. Not only is creative testing a best practice for digital advertisers who should constantly be trying out new concepts to see what works; it also steers customers away from ad fatigue. On frequently updated mobile platforms like Instagram, audiences will quickly get bored with your ads if they continually feature the same creative and copy. Not sure how to get started? Here are some ways that businesses are keeping Instagram ads fresh, fascinating and fabulous.

Try the World

Try The World 1 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Try The World 2 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Here, Try The World experiments with several ad elements to attract subscribers to its global food delivery service. While both ads are unified and easily identified by a bold red color block, the photo elements have been switched up and the copy has been changed. As you’ll notice, the meal in ad #1 is fairly plain, while the second example showcases a more stylized and inviting scene that accompanies the delicacies. The second ad also features more streamlined copy that relies on one simple offer as a way to motivate subscriptions, instead of the first ad’s bulky copy stuffed with numerous messages. These ads are a good example of how running a Creative Test can help brands determine the best image and copy combinations that effectively drive results.


Chatbooks 2 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Chatbooks 1 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Here, layover text gets a refresh from Chatbooks, a photobook app for Instagram and Facebook users. As you can see, the star of these two ads remains the same, but the surroundings have changed and the text has shifted from top to bottom. Since Instagram is a highly visual medium, it’s important that advertisers keep text to a minimum. Chatbooks has done a fantastic job of mixing up its creative elements while showcasing text that is short and to the point.

Le Tote

Le Tote 1 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Le Tote 2 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Above, fashion subscription service Le Tote keeps its ads fresh and up-to-date while telling a story. The first ad mimics the Le Tote user experience by capturing the anticipation of unpacking one of its clothing deliveries. In the second ad, Le Tote reveals the package’s contents, laying out the clothes in a style similar to popular Instagram hashtag #thingsorganizedneatly. Le Tote’s ads are a great example of how refreshing your ads doesn’t mean you need to throw out entire concepts. Advertisers can easily revitalize campaigns by continuing a narrative with additional related images.


Rocksbox 1 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Rocksbox 2 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Sometimes the smallest adjustments can make a big difference. Rocksbox provides a good example of this with simple changes to its jewelry subscription service ads. While the close-up photos of designer wares remain similar and the copy is the same, it’s the call to action (CTA) component that has been refreshed. The first ad encourages viewers to click to learn more about their service; however, the second ad invites viewers to immediately join the bejeweled and bedazzled action — and the likes have piled up.


Spotify 1 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Spotify 2 - Refreshing Instagram Ads

Spotify takes Instagram ad refreshes to the next level by playing around with ad units as well as messaging. In the first example, the music streaming service uses a colorful image to grab users by the eyeballs, conveying energy and motion that mirrors the excitement of running with a soundtrack — all within a static image format. In the second example, soundtracks are still the focus, but this time it’s a dinner party atmosphere — and a video ad. Spotify’s ad progression is an excellent model for brands to follow on a newer platform like Instagram. First, test creative concepts on simple, easy-to-produce units — then, after initial success proceed to a more detailed and involved medium like video.

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

This article was originally published on Social Media Today.

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