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Mobile Marketing News That Digital Advertisers Need To Read

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Mobile marketing is making headlines! As more people choose smartphones and tablets over desktop, advertisers are realizing the value and potential of shifting ad spend accordingly. To help digital marketers get a sense of how and why mobile advertising is taking over, we’ve compiled the following articles:

Mobile News 1 - Mobile Marketing News That Advertisers Need To ReadeMarketer, “Mobile Will Account For 72% Of US Digital Ad Spend By 2019”

Earlier in 2015, eMarketer predicted big things to come for mobile. According to the independent market research company, US mobile ad spending in 2015 will increase by 50%, accounting for nearly half of all digital ad spending. Mobile ad spending is expected to continue growing, eventually surpassing ad spend on desktop in 2016.


Mobile News 2 - Mobile Marketing News That Advertisers Need To ReadVentureBeat, “Mobile Marketing Automation Is One Of The Hottest Areas Of Investment In Mobile”

In July, VentureBeat confirmed eMarketer’s prediction with the release of its Mobile Success Landscape. The overview of tools and players in the mobile scene showed that the tech industry is betting heavily on a major force in the future of marketing. With so many companies investing in mobile tech, it’s safe to assume mobile’s star will continue to rise.

Mobile News 3 - Mobile Marketing News That Advertisers Need To ReadMarketingLand, “Global Mobile Ad Revenue Up 64%; Mobile Display Ads Top Search First Time Ever”

A report from IAB confirmed eMarketer’s earlier predictions, highlighting the fact that global mobile ad revenue in 2014 reached $31.9 billion — for the first time ever topping search. In fact, mobile display ads represented nearly half of total mobile ad revenue in 2014, and boasted a growth rate around 88%.

Mobile News 4 - Mobile Marketing News That Advertisers Need To ReadMobile Marketing, “UK Mobile Ad Spend Set To Overtake Print And TV”

Mobile ad spend hasn’t just eclipsed search; it’s also in a position to overtake more traditional mediums. In the UK, mobile ad spend is set to surpass print advertising — bringing in a total of £3.26 billion vs. print’s £2.67 billion. Mobile advertising is also set to overtake TV ad spending in the UK next year.

Mobile News 5 - Mobile Marketing News That Advertisers Need To ReadMobile Marketing Watch, “191.1 Million Americans Now Own Smartphones”

The increase in mobile ad spend makes sense when you look at the booming smartphone market. According to a report from comScore, 191.1 million Americans now own smartphones. iPhones were the most popular device, with about 44% of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) marketshare. Android was the most popular smartphone platform with over half of the platform market share. Facebook took the title of most popular smartphone app, indicating that mobile Facebook ads remain an effective way to reach a wider audience in an increasingly mobile world.

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