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4 Examples Of Instagram Advertising Optimization For Mobile Marketers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Mobile is massive, and nowhere is that more apparent than on Instagram. With 400 million monthly active users and $595 million in mobile ad revenues predicted worldwide in 2015, there’s no better time to test out campaigns on this mobile photo sharing site. But marketers can’t simply toss desktop ads onto mobile and hope that they work. Here’s how several advertisers are using creative best practices to make their ads resonate on Instagram’s mobile app.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein - Mobile Instagram Ads

Tactics to emulate:

  • As a nod to the platform, Calvin Klein features and tags two popular Instagrammers in this ad.
  • The high-fashion photography meshes well with Instagram’s organic fashion-based content. This is important because Instagram ads are integrated directly into mobile users’ feeds.
  • The featured image is simple, bold, and high-contrast – all elements that read particularly well on a mobile screen.

Takeaway: Mobile devices can be viewed on trains, in line at a convenience store, or on the elevator; no matter where they’re viewed, ads like these catch the eye and get the point across. Even if a person is looking at their phone outside with light glaring on their screen, this ad will stand out and resonate with users.

Marvel Champions

Marvel Champions - Instagram Mobile Ads

Tactics to emulate:

  • The marketers behind the Marvel Champions game put viewers right in the middle of the action.
  • By making audiences feel that they’re already in the midst of playing, Marvel Champions optimizes for Instagram’s ability to bridge the gap between seeing a game ad and trying it out.

Takeaway: Instagram mobile ads can be especially beneficial for mobile app and game developers because users have the ability to click, download and use an app within minutes of seeing the ad. Game ads can drive immediate action through strong images, CTAs and copy that encourage users to jump right in.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club 1 - Instagram Mobile Ads

Dollar Shave Club 2 - Instagram Mobile Ads

Dollar Shave Club 3

Dollar Shave Club 4 - Instagram Mobile Ads

Dollar Shave Club 5 - Instagram Mobile Ads

Tactics to emulate:

  • Dollar Shave Club‘s video ad (captured in the screenshots above) hooks users right away with a suspenseful yet silly scenario.
  • Because mobile video ads have the potential to be viewed anywhere, they can be seen in situations where sound isn’t an option (for example, sneaking a peek at Instagram while attending a college lecture). Dollar Shave Club uses text and a storyline that is easy to follow even when audio isn’t enabled.

Takeaway: Instagram’s video ads autoplay as users scroll through their feeds; this means that advertisers have only a few video frames to capture audience attention. Employ the three-second rule to entice your audience to stop and watch your entire ad, and don’t forget to incorporate text or captions — these will ensure that muted autoplay videos still have an impact.


Progressive 1 - Instagram Mobile Ads

Progressive 2 - Instagram Mobile Ads

Progressive 3 - Instagram Mobile Ads

Tactics to emulate:

  • Insurance company Progressive takes its mobile Instagram ads to the next level with Carousel; an interactive unit that allows users to swipe through several images.
  • On the surface, Progressive’s product doesn’t appear to lend itself to visuals. However, the company conveys the value of its product through bright photos that are easy to see on all screens, encouraging users to “act their age” by getting their own insurance instead of relying on their parents.
  • These ads are perfectly crafted and targeted to reach the millennials who make up a large portion of Instagram’s users — a demographic known to appreciate humor in advertising.

Takeaway: Just because your product or service doesn’t initially lend itself to visuals doesn’t mean you can’t advertise on a visual platform like Instagram. Don’t be afraid to promote your company in an interesting, abstract or funny way.

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