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Email Marketing and Facebook Advertising: The Unbeatable Ecommerce Power Couple

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

If you’re not linking your social media advertising with your email marketing efforts, you’re missing out on a powerful opportunity to generate greater ROI. With average revenue per email down nearly 15% and order value down nearly 12% year over year, a cross-channel marketing approach is more important than ever. Here are just a few ways to regain customer reach and increase campaign impact with a dynamic ecommerce strategy.

Targeting - email social ads ecommerce Let Your Email List Guide Your Ad Targeting

If a customer has signed up to receive emails from your company, you already know that they have some interest in purchasing your products. What’s the next step in building a relationship? Using Facebook’s Custom Audiences, you can increase your brand’s exposure by targeting ads towards your email subscribers. Custom Audiences also allow you to upload other first-party data, like phone numbers collected through online order forms or website visitor IDs, so you can be sure your Facebook ads are being viewed by an audience that has displayed some form of purchase intent.

Lookalike - email social ads ecommerce Reach People Who Are Similar To Your Best Email Customers

That list of email subscribers can be used for more than targeting people who have already shown interest in your products; it can also be employed as a useful strategy to reach entirely new prospects. Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences allow you to take your list of top-performing (in terms of average order value or purchase frequency) email recipients and target social ads toward people who are similar to them in behavior and interests. Using current customer success as a basis of your ad targeting strategy is a valuable tactic to employ, especially for newer ecommerce companies who are still trying to determine which buyer personas will be best at driving revenue.

Cart Abandonment - email social ads ecommerce Leverage Ad Performance To Optimize Your Email Campaigns

You’ve spent time and money designing Facebook ads, setting up targeting, launching and monitoring your campaigns. Data analysis will tell you which products and creative concepts performed best so you can improve future iterations — but that information is also extremely valuable to whoever is running your email marketing department. Optimizing the content your email subscribers receive based on behavior you’ve observed on other channels is a best practice that many online marketers overlook – but it’s a powerful way to re-activate your email audience and get revenue back to previous levels.

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