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How To Optimize Your Facebook Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Mobile advertising isn’t optional for marketers anymore; it’s a requirement if you’re looking to reach audiences through Facebook and Instagram ads. According to eMarketer, mobile has accounted for half of all digital advertising in 2015. By 2019, that number is expected to rise to 72%. If you want to be part of the mobile advertising revolution, be sure that you do these three things:

1. Try Out Mobile-Friendly Ad Types

Serving ads on mobile devices means people can interact with your ads in a whole new way:

  • For example, mobile app install ads are giving gaming audiences the power to immediately download and play a title with just a few clicks on a smartphone. In a marketplace where there are numerous brands and businesses competing for attention, delivering instant gratification to users increases the likelihood of making them engaged long-term customers.
  • Video ads have been shown to deliver higher CTRs for some Nanigans clients. These interactive ad units perform extremely well on mobile, where they take center stage in the news feed.
  • Because more than half a billion people access Facebook solely from mobile devices, the platform is perfect for retargeting campaigns. Ecommerce companies can use mobile ads to reach this large population of potential customers, using Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) to remind website and app browsers about products that they’ve shown an interest in. For one Nanigans customer, DPAs led to a 44% increase in mobile purchase rates.

2. Target Mobile-Minded Millennial Audiences

While the popularity of mobile is growing globally, mobile use is particularly prevalent among certain age groups. If your best customers fall within a younger demographic, mobile is where you want to be. According to Pew Research, smartphone ownership is especially saturated amongst the 18-29 set:

% smartphone ownership - Vital Things When Shifting to Mobile Advertising

3. Revamp Your Creative

Mobile means audiences will be viewing your ads on an additional screen, which brings a new set of creative considerations. When building creative for mobile ads, keep the following in mind:

  • Ads will be directly integrated with the Facebook news feed, so they need to compete with organic content.
  • Make images for your ads that are bold, simple and beautiful. This will make them eye-catching and easy to see on the smaller screens of mobile devices.
  • Use a compelling call-to-action (CTA) to get users to respond to your ad.
  • Run a creative test to ensure you’re using the most impactful image and copy combinations.
  • Combat ad fatigue by using new creative for your mobile ads and refreshing your ads regularly. This way users won’t be shown the same ad many times across many devices.

Bonobos - Vital Things When Shifting to Mobile Advertising

Lands End Bonobos - Vital Things When Shifting to Mobile Advertising

Bonus Tips

  • Employ cross-device tracking or integrate an SDK in your app to make sure you’re getting a complete picture of the customer journey.
  • If your ads will be driving traffic back to your site, make sure that it’s optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Segment your ads by mobile device. This will give you a deeper insight into your mobile conversion funnel.
  • Maximize your campaign reach by expanding your ads to mobile web and in-app campaign ads.

Advertising on mobile is a game changer that provides advertisers with a new range of marketing maneuvers and abilities.

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