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4 Retail Advertising Tricks To Make Holiday Sales Shine On Facebook

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

After much speculation and preparation, the holiday shopping season has finally arrived! As every online retailer knows, no winter shopping frenzy would be complete without a bevy of holiday-themed advertising. With ecommerce predicted to rake in $79.40 billion this holiday season, the right advertising campaign is a vital part of ensuring that your business gets in on the action. With holiday marketing in overdrive, you’ll want your ads to shine as bright as the holidays. Take a creative cue from the following Facebook advertisers:

1. Serena & Lily

 Serena & Lily Carousel Ad - Facebook Holiday Ad Creative Examples

The images and copy in Serena & Lily‘s Carousel Ad do more than convey the brand’s personality and style; they also promote a wide range of products that the viewer will probably need to get ready for the holidays (like table settings for a Christmas Day feast) in addition to gifts for friends and family. In December, many people are simultaneously juggling shopping for themselves and their loved ones. Serena & Lily’s Facebook campaign is a good example of using ad placement to address many needs, a tactic that goes far especially during the crowded holiday advertising season.

2. eBay

eBay Ad - Facebook Holiday Ad Creative Examples

One of the many benefits of Facebook ads is that they can be integrated right into mobile and desktop news feeds, allowing them to blend in with organic content. Ecommerce giant eBay maximizes this capability by styling its Unpublished Page Post ad to look like share-friendly listicle content. By presenting items in a style similar to a Buzzfeed list, eBay has created an ad that simultaneously entertains users and profiles eBay products that may not have a broad appeal on their own. It’s a good lesson for advertisers looking to provide useful and amusing content instead of just a straightforward promotion of their products.

3. Aerie

Aerie Carousel Ad - Facebook Holiday Ad Creative Examples

Facebook’s popular Carousel Ads deliver a mini catalog right to users’ news feeds, allowing each image in a series to be linked with a relevant sale on the item displayed. Millennial favorite Aerie uses seasonally-appropriate imagery in its Carousel Ad to mimic how a friend’s photo album of a fun wintertime retreat might look, seamlessly blending its content in with the organic posts surrounding the ad. Aerie infuses these welcoming images with action-inspiring deals and discounts, driving it all home with a sense of urgency conveyed by language like “Last chance!” and “Ending soon!” All of these elements combine to make a powerful ad that draws users in and gets them clicking.

4. Sephora

Sephora - Facebook Holiday Ad Creative Examples

While Carousel Ads are a popular way to showcase many products in one ad, they’re not the only way to demonstrate variety. In the example above, omnichannel beauty brand Sephora packs plenty of punch into one simple Facebook Photo Ad. The vivid holiday colors and variety of products displayed entice shoppers with a sense of mystery and excitement about what surprises are in store. In addition, Sephora creates an air of exclusivity by announcing that this promotion is for Beauty Insiders only, encouraging people to sign up for its customer loyalty program. Sephora’s ad is an effective way of turning one-off, gift-buying users into life-long customers who will keep shopping with the brand long after the holiday season is over.

The holiday season is the most competitive time of year for online retailers. Arm yourself with the data you need for smart strategic planning this holiday season:

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