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5 Instagram App Install Ad Examples and What They Teach Mobile Marketers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Instagram is primarily viewed on mobile devices, which means it’s the perfect advertising location for companies looking to drive installs of their apps. Instagram’s Mobile App Install (MAI) ads are an ideal format because they let users download an app with just a couple clicks. If you need some inspiration as you create your own MAI campaigns on Instagram, here are just a few companies that are grabbing attention and gaining downloads through clever ad creative:

Sim City Build It - Instagram Mobile AdsSimCity BuildIt

Though you may be tempted to cover all that your app has to offer in a single MAI ad, sometimes focusing on just one selling point can deliver a simpler, more memorable message. You can even target your ads so that each aspect can be advertised to groups who would be most likely to find it appealing.

SimCity BuildIt has a broad range of gameplay options, but instead of packing all of them all together, this ad conveys depth by showcasing just one environmental element. Avoiding a sweeping, broad overview gives users a much better sense of the game’s detailed world. Once they click to download in the app store, they will be able to see more levels, characters and story arcs.

Lifesum - MAI Instagram ExamplesLifesum

Sometimes the best thing to sell an app is the app itself. A simple screenshot can oftentimes convey the app user experience much better than multiple lines of text. Lifesum’s Instagram ad does this by providing a taste of the app’s features, highlighting specific user goals like building muscle or losing weight.

As you can see, Lifesum takes this concept to the next level by placing the app alongside typical gym accessories like sneakers and towels, which visually conveys the idea that the food-tracking app is also a necessary tool for getting fit.

Slots Pharaoh’s Way

Slots Pharaoh's Way - Instagram Mobile Ads

One of the many benefits of Instagram advertising is that ads are directly integrated into users’ content streams, so they’ll be seen right alongside user generated content. Because of this, it’s important that your ads fit in with surrounding posts.

This ad from Slots Pharaoh’s Way meshes with organic Instagram updates by using language that audiences would easily find in a post from a friend. In addition, the game uses the Carousel Ad format to showcase stylized scenes, characters and levels from the game, with an understanding that imagery speaks the loudest on a visual-heavy site like Instagram.

Dashlane - MAI Instagram ExamplesDashlane

Showing real-world usage of your app is a great way to convey its value. In this Mobile App Install ad by Dashlane, a screenshot of the app is shown with a pumpkin patch in the background. At first, the image is intriguing and makes Instagram users wonder why these two seemingly unrelated images are shown together.

But then it becomes clear that Dashlane’s services exist for moments like this, where technical information like passwords are often needed in settings and situations where it’s not always easy to retrieve them (such as when you’re in the midst of pumpkin picking with your friends and need to access a photo app to capture the moment).

New York Times - MAI Instagram Examples

The New York Times

Like Dashlane, The New York Times also places its news app in the real world in order to display its value. This Instagram ad at first grabs users’ attention with a bright pop of color and an atmosphere that depicts resting in bed after a long day.

After drawing users into this scene, The New York Times couches catching up with news on the app as an essential part of a daily routine, similar to recounting the day’s events in a journal. By emphasizing how checking the news app can be a regular practice, The New York Times is also likely to attract more long-term users who will continually engage with the app, not just people who will download it via the Mobile App Install ad and then fail to use it.

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Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.
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