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Digital Advertising Budget Calculator [Interactive Tool]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Effective Facebook advertising involves countless variables – audience targeting, marketplace competition, bidding strategies, conversion rates, and so much more. To cut down on some of the uncertainty and provide digital marketers with a better sense of what to expect for campaign reach and spend, we’ve built a simple ad budget calculator based on Nanigans’ years of deep social and mobile advertising experience.

Whether you’re testing new audience combinations or looking to drive higher revenues from advertising by scaling your existing efforts, this ad budget calculator will help you estimate how much ad spend you should budget for, depending on the target audience size and ad units leveraged in any given campaign.

For example, if you launched a campaign using Facebook carousel ads and performance didn’t meet your initial goals, this budget calculator can help determine if the budget you allocated was great enough to deliver statistically significant results. With these insights in hand, you can be more strategic about your next campaign.

Once you’ve input your cost per impression based on historical performance and the targeting combinations (countries, gender, age groups, behaviors/custom audiences, creatives) you want to run, the ad budget calculator will approximate the ad spend levels needed to run your page post, mobile install, video, and carousel ad campaigns based on the most recent trends we’ve observed in CTR and CPM.

Download the ad budget calculator to make more informed campaign budgeting decisions to scale the revenue impact from your social and mobile advertising today.

Download the Calculator

Note that the estimated CTR and expected CPM are sourced from both Facebook desktop and mobile ad spend, and exclude Facebook Exchange and dynamic product ads. This data is representative of Facebook ad impressions delivered by customers leveraging Nanigans advertising automation software, so it may not necessarily be a proxy for the overall Facebook marketplace—and overall should be taken as a guideline rather than an exact metric.

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