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Nanigans CEO Ric Calvillo Guest On Bloomberg Radio; Discusses Facebook, Marketing Complexity

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Last week, Nanigans CEO Ric Calvillo was invited as a guest on Bloomberg Radio‘s The Bloomberg Advantage to discuss the complex world of online advertising and what it’s like to be a Facebook Marketing Partner. The name of the game in business today is marketing, and nowhere is that more apparent than on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But as Calvillo pointed out to show host Carol Massar, getting messages across to consumers can sometimes be difficult for companies.

Today’s online advertisers are challenged with many different channels, ad formats, ways to target people, different devices like desktop and mobile ads, video ads and static images. There’s many different ways to target people and ad types, so driving the most efficiency and performance out of these channels is very difficult. Our software uses automation to help large advertisers with these tasks.

Calvillo also talked about what it’s like working with Facebook, as one of their largest channel partners.

They’ve been great to partner with. From the beginning Facebook has been partner-friendly and has had a stable API — and they’ve committed lots of investment to support software platforms like ours.

To hear more from Ric’s interview, be sure to listen to the audio below:


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