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What Does Christmas Mean For Mobile App Marketers?

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

For many brick-and-mortar retail companies, the shopping frenzy usually winds down after the holiday season ends. But for ecommerce and gaming companies with mobile apps, the potential for new revenue is just heating up. From Christmas Day onward, mobile app advertisers have a tremendous opportunity:

New Devices  - Post-Christmas Mobile Apps MarketingIncreased Mobile Device Activation Means More App Downloads

If the 2014 holiday season was any indication, new mobile devices will be a popular gift this year, which bodes very well for app developers. According to Flurry‘s numbers, there was a burst of new device activation in December of 2014, primarily for Apple and Samsung devices. In fact, Flurry’s data identifies Christmas Day as the most popular day all year for app installs, with a 150% increase on December 25th alone. With so many potential customers clamoring to load up their new mobile devices, Christmas Day is clearly primetime for app marketers to acquire new users.

Less Costly Ads - Post-Christmas Mobile Apps MarketingDecreased Competition For Bids Means Less Costly Facebook Advertising in Q1

If Christmas Day is an ideal time to find new users, Q1 is a cost-effective timeframe to reach them with Facebook ads. According to Nanigans’ Facebook data from Q1 2015, global cost-per-click (CPC) decreased 17% quarter-over-quarter from the competitive Q4 holiday shopping season. Cost per Impressions (CPMs) also displayed a decrease at 3% quarter-over-quarter from Q4. If you’re looking to increase your advertising exposure without blowing your budget, Q1 is the time to amp up your Facebook advertising spend.

4 Ways To Take Advantage:

1. Expand to Instagram

Instagram is primarily viewed on mobile devices, which makes it the perfect platform for advertising mobile apps. Because Instagram is a visually-focused channel, you can let your app’s design shine through interesting and eye-catching creative.

2. Try New Ad Types

Mobile App Install (MAI) ads are an effective user acquisition tool, but there are many types of ad units that can help you drive app installations. If you have a trailer for your app in the app store, repurpose it using video ads to give audiences a taste of the user experience. Or invest in Carousel Ads to show off multiple screenshots from your app in a mobile-friendly, interactive format.

3. Install An SDK

An SDK is invaluable if you want to be able to track and optimize for the lifetime value of your users. Installing a mobile SDK can help you get a 360 degree view of attribution for your app, enabling you to factor in-app customer behavior into your ad campaigns.

4. Facebook Audience Network

Reaching more high-value customers is vital if you want your app to be more than a one-hit wonder. Facebook’s Audience Network extends Facebook’s powerful reach to additional apps, allowing app advertisers to access new mobile audiences with similarities to current users.

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