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How Dynamic Product Ads Have Transformed Retargeting on Facebook [Study]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

Dynamic Product Ads are one of the most advanced retargeting options on Facebook. They enable retailers to promote highly personalized, engaging ads to each individual customer, while intelligently pulling from real-time information on available product inventory, shopper behavior, and more.

Since the goal of retargeting is to bring back previous shoppers to drive more purchases or signups (and ultimately more revenue), advertisers are always looking for new opportunities to scale performance.

While retargeting Facebook ads using Website Custom Audiences to reach shoppers serves many advertisers well, Dynamic Product Ads provide an even more powerful solution for large-scale retailers with vast, constantly changing product catalogs.

Many retailers that typically see strong retargeting performance using Custom Audiences from their website are achieving new levels of scale and return on ad spend with Dynamic Product Ads. Across retailers using Nanigans advertising automation software, we’ve observed Dynamic Product Ads generating some comparatively impressive downstream returns for leading ecommerce brands.

To study revenue-related retargeting performance of Dynamic Product Ads and Website Custom Audiences, we analyzed same-advertiser campaigns across three of Nanigans’ largest retailer advertisers. For example, we found that one flash sale retailer increased purchase rates 300% when they began using Dynamic Product Ads through Nanigans.



What’s in the Study

  • Analysis of spend and purchase share mix between Dynamic Product Ads and Website Custom Audiences
  • Comparison of downstream metrics like purchase rates and average order value
  • Insight on when Dynamic Product Ads may be right for your advertising goals

From analyzing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ad spend over a 60-day period, the power of Dynamic Product ads to increase revenue is clear.

Download the study for a complete look at the returns advertisers are achieving using Dynamic Product Ads and Nanigans, and learn how to apply their winning strategies to your campaigns today.

Download the Study

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