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The Definitive Facebook Advertising Checklist for Beginners

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

This post was originally featured in Social Media Today.Advertising on Facebook–or any social media channel– can be a daunting task. Running relevant and impactful campaigns for your business involves tools and tactics, numerous ad types and best practices. With Facebook advertising beginners in mind, we’ve created the following checklist to help you go from a novice to social marketing master.


Ad Creation  - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist

  • Determine which type of ad unit is right for your goals
  • Decide what you want people to do after they view your ads and choose a corresponding call-to-action (CTA) button, such as Download Now, Buy Now, Learn More, etc.
  • Install a pixel on your site which will tell you if users completed the desired action after clicking on your ad
  • If you’re an ecommerce or gaming company, learn how ad types like Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) or Mobile App Install Ads (MAIs) are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals

Kate Spade DPA - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist
Example of a Dynamic Product Ad (DPA)


Ad Creative - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist

Creative Best Practices Examples - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist
Examples of ads using creative best practices


Mobile - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist

  • Set up cross-device tracking so you can understand customer behavior across mobile and desktop
  • Consider placing your ads within mobile apps using the Facebook Audience Network or MoPub
  • Optimize your ads and your website to be mobile-friendly so users can easily view them on smartphones and tablets
  • Experiment with more interactive ad types like video

Desktop and Mobile ads example - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist
Examples of a desktop ad (left) and a mobile ad (right)

Targeting - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist

  • Combat cart abandonment by setting up Website Custom Audiences (WCAs)
  • Leverage tiered Lookalike Audiences so you can target ads towards people who look like your best customers and gain additional reach
  • Determine which bid type is best suited for your needs
  • Explore and implement Facebook’s Partner Categories to expand your ads’ reach and get in front of new users
  • Use Predictive Lifetime Value (PLTV) to ensure that you’re acquiring customers who will have the greatest long-term value to your business
  • Apply Stop Loss so you can automatically pause down ads that are underperforming and avoid wasting money on less-effective ads

Creative Best Practices Examples - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist
Targeting example: Moms

Ongoing - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist

  • Set up a pacing strategy so you don’t spend your budget too quickly or underdeliver on volume goals
  • Swap out old creative for refreshed imagery so users don’t develop ad fatigue from repeatedly being served the same ads
  • Explore similar platforms that you can easily expand your advertising to (for example, Instagram is a logical next step after you’ve gotten comfortable with Facebook advertising)

Refreshed Creative Example - Facebook Advertising Beginner's Checklist
An example of refreshed ad creative
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