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3 App Marketing Tips From The Developer of Trivia Crack

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Etermax founder and CEO Max Cavazzani certainly knows a thing or two about building and marketing successful apps. After all, his company’s app Trivia Crack has been one of the most popular in app stores, shattering records by holding the number one position for 60 consecutive days.

So how can app developers create their own global sensation? Cavazzani offered recommendations in a recent webinar with App Annie. Here’s his advice for app developers and marketers hoping for runaway success:

1. Leverage User Generated Content To Grow A Community Of Engaged Players

Engagement - App Annie Trivia Crack WebinarCavazzani says Trivia Crack encouraged user engagement with the addition of The Question Factory, a feature that allowed users to submit their own trivia questions to be used in the game. This feature required a team to review user-submitted questions and ensure that content be culturally aligned to each region (for example, an app user in Argentina may not know how to answer a question about an American baseball player).

What was the upside to all these man hours? Cavazzani says The Question Factory was successful at keeping the app’s content fresh and engaging to audiences, helping to push the app to the top of the app store. According to Cavazzani, the reason The Question Factory succeeded was because it provided users with new, exciting and relevant trivia questions.

In order to keep the app engaging, we needed to have a lot of content, and make this content fresh so that each user would have a unique experience while playing the game. And one of the best ways to get content that would stay relevant was to get it from our user base.

2. Carefully Evaluate App Objectives And When To Make The Right Version Updates

Expansion - App Annie Trivia Crack WebinarOnce Trivia Crack won over its native audience in Argentina, it was time to expand globally. However, Cavazzani says a successful expansion requires a strong foundation and a lot of patience.

He advises that app developers think of a launch as a beginning, not an end. Being the best product requires vigilance and constant testing; it’s best to avoid making assumptions because they may not always be right.

We had to wait more than six months for Trivia Crack to become what it was. It wasn’t an instant success. So be calm when trying to figure out what the application needs in order to grow. Try to see what you have and look at it in a critical way so you can make the program that users are looking for.

3. Continuously Track The Competition And The Impact Of Their App Updates

App Store - App Annie Trivia Crack WebinarOnce an app is released into the world, the team behind it still needs to focus on updates. Cavazzani says his team wanted to update the app in a way that would improve user experience and the app itself. It’s no surprise that when an update was well executed (such as the update that added The Question Factory to Trivia Crack), the app’s popularity improved. Keeping an eye on your app’s rankings and reviews before and after an update is a reliable way to determine the update’s success.

Another factor that comes into play is the competition. Cavazzani shared that the Trivia Crack team constantly monitors the app store charts and identifies any breakout new apps in similar categories. They also take note of how other apps’ updates impact their app store rankings, user reviews, and performance in new, untapped regions.

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