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Advertisers Are Driving Real Revenue Through Instagram [Case Study]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

The Instagram advertising ecosystem may be relatively young compared to that of its parent company Facebook, but it’s already proving to be a highly effective marketing channel. With all the power of Facebook’s audience targeting, combined with direct response ad features like strong call-to-action buttons, Instagram is a promising addition to any performance marketer’s strategy.

Instagram Advertising

Across industries, companies leveraging Nanigans advertising automation software are seeing robust returns from their efforts on Instagram. Two early adopters in the retail sector achieved meaningful increases in downstream performance metrics critical to driving revenue growth.

A Large Commerce Company Grows Return on Ad Spend

With the goal of driving first and repeat purchases, a large commerce brand using Nanigans achieved significant return on ad spend–a 179% increase–on Instagram in just 60 days. Performance was supported by the use of lookalike targeting and multivariate creative testing through Nanigans software.



return on ad spend

An Online Flash Sale Retailer Boosts Purchase Rates

An online retailer used Nanigans to attract prospective and existing customers to its daily private sales. Intelligently targeting the Instagram users most likely to purchase, the company showcased ad creative featuring high-quality product photography. Over 60 days, strong call-to-action buttons helped drive a 219% increase in purchase rates, equaling those achieved on Facebook.



higher purchase rates

Tailor-Made Mobile Marketing

Instagram is a direct response advertiser’s dream. The experience is entirely mobile, with native ads that are beautifully integrated into a highly visual stream of organic content. The nature of the platform gives retail advertisers a powerful visual canvas to communicate value and inspire purchases among their target audience.

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