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3 Ways Mobile Game Marketers Can Monetize With Facebook Custom Audiences

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Mobile game marketers who are advertising on Facebook have a powerful tool at their disposal: Custom Audiences. This targeting option, combined with a mobile SDK, can help game companies achieve many game goals like re-engaging lapsed users, increasing in-app purchases and acquiring new users with the greatest lifetime value (LTV).

Here’s how Facebook’s Custom Audiences can make a big difference in mobile game rankings and revenue:

Star - Facebook Custom Audiences Mobile Game Marketing1. Lapsed User Reactivation

Just because a user hasn’t played your game in a while doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Facebook’s Custom Audiences allow you to target people who have downloaded your game but haven’t played within a specific window of time. To win them back, employ ad creative that reminds them of where they left off in your game and all the excitement that they’re missing. Or, encourage them to log in with a special offer like an exclusive level, object, or prize pack. Remember: reactivating someone who’s already downloaded your app can be more economical than spending money to acquire additional new users.

Alien - Facebook Custom Audiences Mobile Game Marketing2. In-App Purchase Boost

One way to drive ROI for your game is to encourage users to make in-app purchases that enhance their gaming experience. By creating a Custom Audience of frequent players who are most likely to want these fun additions, you can directly target active users on Facebook with ads promoting specific products or offering limited edition deals.

Personalization can really pay off in these types of ads. For example, let’s say a player just reached level 15 in your game. Creating Custom Audiences based on app events allows you to target that player with ads featuring a purchase that would help them beat that specific level. Players are more likely to notice and click on ads that address an immediate need, leading to increased purchases and game stickiness.

Trophy - Facebook Custom Audiences Mobile Game Marketing3. Expanded User Acquisition

Custom Audiences can be a springboard to finding additional app users who mirror your best players.

It’s easy; just create a Custom Audience (or several) from your current pool of users, based on a metric that matters – like, who’s made the biggest purchases or has engaged with your game the most. You can use this list to create a Lookalike Audience — a group of Facebook users who share traits with those best customers. Target ads towards this group to acquire additional users who are likely to be just as valuable as those original best players. This approach takes the guesswork out of targeting, since you’ll be aiming to get installs from people who have shown a propensity for in-app purchases and game activity.

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