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Getting Creative with Direct Response Video Advertising [eBook]

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Video AdvertisingVideo is one of the most buzzed about topics in digital advertising, and with good reason. This dynamic format is the perfect medium for reaching an increasingly mobile audience. Because social sites like Facebook and Instagram offer auto-play for videos, ads instantly leap out from the feed to grab the attention of audiences.

Features like this are contributing to video’s popularity as a social ad unit. According to eMarketer, programmatic digital video ad spending saw an astronomical 363% increase in 2015, with further growth forecasted for the years ahead. As video grows into its role as a staple of social advertising, now is the time for digital marketers to incorporate this powerful driver of revenue into their 2016 roadmaps.

In this free eBook, we explore strategies and approaches to help you incorporate video advertising into your own digital marketing campaigns and accelerate your success.

Download this essential guide to learn about:

  • Creative best practices and inspiration
  • Tips to jumpstart high-performing campaigns
  • Analysis of exemplary ads and why they work

Armed with the best practices, pro tips, and creative inspiration in this eBook, you’ll be ready to put video ads to work growing revenue — at scale.

Download the eBook

Lights, Camera, Call-to-Action! Getting Creative with Direct Response Video Advertising

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