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Seasonal Advertising Examples For Digital Marketers

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Relevance is the key to effective online advertising — and advertising in general. Few things are more relevant to the human condition than seasons; this could be the explanation for why the weather is what people all across the world talk about in elevators.

Incorporating seasonal elements in your creative is an easy, fun way to get audiences to identify with your message. Not to mention, it’s a smart approach to advertising; who wants to look at ads for strappy sandals in the middle of December? As you’re planning out your campaigns for the next few quarters, here are some examples to emulate:


This Facebook video ad from Kate Spade New York evokes the feeling of Spring, when everyone who’s been cooped up during the Winter rushes to be outside in nice weather. The bright colored stripes, jazzy music and sense of activity are likely to inspire shoppers to take action.

The Facebook carousel ad below shouts Spring with its sunny lighting and pastel collections in blue, green and yellow. Crane & Canopy‘s emphasis on “new bedding” reinforces the idea of Spring as a time for cleaning and buying new household items. Facebook’s carousel ad format allows users to scroll through various items as if it were an online catalog, providing shoppers-to-be with a nice teaser of what they can expect to see if they click through.
Spring Facebook ad carousel retail


The Facebook video ad below from Captain Morgan crams a lot of Summer elements into 30 seconds – a beach, cocktail swords and umbrellas, tropical fruit, and a pirate supermodel in a bathing suit. Thanks to aggressive use of Caribbean hues and festive music, this spot really makes people want to bust out a blender.

With a nod to Summer as wedding season, B by Brandie showcases bright housewares sure to make great gifts during June, July and August – primetime for couples looking to get married while it’s warm and easy to travel.
Summer wedding carousel ad Facebook


With the shift toward cooler weather comes cozy new clothing – items like jackets, boots, and hats. The Facebook carousel ad below from retailer Bourbon & Boots showcases warm, soft scarves in Fall’s most popular pattern — plaid.

Facebook carousel ads best practices

However, seasonal advertising — and carousel ads — are not just for retailers. Below, financial services company DRB Student Loan evokes a back to school ambiance with leaves, apple pie, a shoutout to Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, and some Fall-related puns.

Fall lead generation Facebook carousel ad


The holidays are a time for friends, family, fun – and brightly colored packages. Below, retailers like Aerie and subscription services like GlossyBox use Instagram ads to reach users with bold reds and greens, Winter scenes, and great ideas for gifts.

Instagram winter ad examples

Q4 isn’t just a time to celebrate the moment – it’s also a time to reflect on the past year. In a nod to 2015, Spotify ran this 23-second Facebook video ad recapping pop culture and music trends.

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