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Driving Revenue: The Compelling Case For Carousel Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The Carousel ad format has been around for about a year and a half, but already it has become indispensable to digital advertisers. Besides letting marketers display multiple images within one interactive ad unit, Carousel ads are proven revenue drivers. According to Facebook, Carousel link ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads.

Those aren’t the only impressive results advertisers have been seeing from Carousel ads. Here’s how the ad unit has performed and evolved over time:

Advertiser investment

Between Q3 and Q4 of 2015, marketers significantly ramped up use of Carousel ads in their Facebook advertising campaigns. In a benchmark report covering customer adoption of the popular ad unit, Nanigans found that Carousel ad spend increased 34% quarter over quarter.

Q4 adopt rates - Carousel Ad ReviewLooking further back, it’s plain that Carousel ads have seen strong interest and investment from online marketers throughout 2015. Between Q2 and Q3, Carousel link ad spend rose by 55% – the largest increase for any Facebook ad unit leveraged by Nanigans customers.

Q3 adopt rates - Carousel Ad Review

Cross-vertical success

Advertisers have been eager to adopt the Carousel format because it’s been shown to drive real revenue. In a recent study of Nanigans customers using Carousel ads, marketers across different Nanigans verticals were demonstrating impressive results:


A top online men’s fashion retailer was looking to maintain strong mobile growth by expanding the reach of its shopping app—a goal Carousel mobile app install ads are particularly well suited to help achieve. Compared to the company’s single-image static mobile app install ads, Facebook’s Carousel ads achieved a nearly identical cost per install (CPI) while also driving a 10% higher conversion rate on same-day purchases. By the end of the campaign, the retailer saw results such as:

decrease in average cost per mobile app install

increase in click-through rates

Lead Generation

Lead generation companies are also using Carousel ads to drive results. One student housing service used Nanigans software to run Carousel ads in order to drive higher quality leads. Thanks to advertising automation and Carousel ads, the company saw:

higher click-through rate using carousel ads vs. static image ads

lower cost per signup for new leads generated via carousel ads

Carousel ad evolution

– Carousel ads don’t just apply to Facebook; Instagram now includes them in its own arsenal of ad units. The interactive nature of Carousel ads is perfect for a primarily-mobile platform like Instagram, in addition to providing plenty of opportunities for marketers to showcase products on this visually-focused site.

Video creative can also be included in Carousel ads, enriching this already interactive ad format with motion and sound.

– While Carousel ads have been welcomed with open arms by retailers looking to replicate the look and feel of an online catalog, advertisers are now seeing success marketing the many benefits and features of a single product.

Want to grow your own revenue using Carousel ads? These creative tips and tactics will inspire you (and your target audience):

Download Facebook Carousel Ads: Creative Ways to Attract and Convert Customers

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