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4 Examples Of Lead-Generating Instagram Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Instagram is known for being a visually-focused platform, so it’s natural that lead generation marketers might not keep it top of mind in terms of advertising budget. But direct response marketers who think Instagram isn’t for them are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach a growing mobile audience with ads that have been built to generate leads in a compelling way.

In fact, many businesses are discovering new and interesting ways to drive revenue through visually-appealing Instagram ads. Learn how you can do the same from these four trailblazing businesses:


The bold blue background of Aspiration‘s Instagram ad instantly jumps out at viewers. Right off the bat, the financial services firm ensures that its brand is present in the ad creative via a signature color.

Aspiration - Instagram Lead Generation Ad Examples

Aspiration also makes a complex and somewhat-scary topic (investment) less overwhelming by emphasizing the simplicity and usability of its app. Finally, Aspiration drives home the necessity of its services by providing a clear benefit in the ad’s copy (“Earn up to 100 times more interest on your debit card”) and providing a sense a urgency (“Hurry, secure your spot!”).


Online education platform Udemy takes a savvy, scientific approach to lead generation on Instagram by testing out more than one ad on the same audience. A/B testing ads in this manner helps advertisers avoid oversaturating target audiences and promotes discovery of best practices.

Texture - Instagram Lead Generation Ad Examples

Note that the copy above remains the same (“Want to learn how to code in 2015? This 29 hour course teaches you to code by building real websites”), while the images are completely different. Based on likes alone it appears that the right-hand side ad with text overlay is more successful than the graphic-heavy example on the left, but Udemy’s user acquisition or lead generation manager can check reporting for more important, revenue-focused metrics like form completions or email signups.


With a nod to Instagram’s young user base, Learnvest has tailored its financial planning services ad to speak (and call out) to a specific age group.

Learnvest - Instagram Lead Generation Ad Examples

Instagram’s mobile interface meshes ads right into a stream of organic content, so this post will be right at home with its warm filters and vintage-inspired style. Rather than take an overtly salesy tone of voice (something that millennials have been known to mistrust), Learnvest offers a free resource instead. This approach is more likely to attract Instagram users who truly do want to “learn more.”


SolarCity uses photo composition basics to make an Instagram ad that stands out. The ad gives users a unique perspective with a bird’s eye view of a solar panel installation.

SolarCity - Instagram Lead Generation Ad Examples

By using natural surroundings as a frame, the ad’s creative makes the solar panel the center of attention, all while creating a stark contrast that will make users stop to view the ad as they scroll through their feeds.

The accompanying copy drives viewers to SolarCity’s site by emphasizing the immense popularity of its solar panels and offering a free quote, making it easy for audiences to learn about installing panels on their own home.

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