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How Dashlane Scaled Twitter Advertising Success With Nanigans [Case Study]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

DashlaneTaking advantage of new advertising channels is often a major strategic pillar for direct response marketers focused on maximizing growth. This is what prompted Dashlane, the award winning and highly praised brand in the password manager and digital wallet space, to be among the earliest group of advertisers on Twitter.

The company was looking to boost app install numbers to grow its free and paid user base, and saw Twitter as a place where they could reach a large number of high value users. However, Dashlane’s in-house marketing team quickly found that their large-scale ambitions on the platform were hampered by limitations of Twitter’s native ad tools.

The solution? Nanigans’ more versatile and powerful advertising automation software, which Dashlane already relied on as a strategic lever of growth for their Facebook advertising investments.

Moving Twitter campaign management from Twitter’s native tools to Nanigans software enabled the company to dramatically improve and expand its advertising success on the channel.

[testimonial image=”” position=”Eitan Katz” name=”Dashlane” company=”Senior Direct Marketing Analyst” quote=”The advanced optimization and reporting capabilities of Nanigans software have allowed us to confidently expand our advertising efforts on Twitter over the past six months. We’re exceeding our performance goals, including a double-digit increase in conversion rates and an equally significant decrease in CPAs since moving to Nanigans solution.”]

Dashlane Twitter Ad

First Impressions and Making Changes

At the onset, the Dashlane team was able to easily create ads in Twitter’s UI. However, when it came time to iterate, scale, segment target audiences, or report on progress, the native tools fell short.

“In the Twitter UI, it was much more difficult to report on your ad activity, especially with the level of granularity we like,” explained Evelyn Tong, Senior Paid Marketing Analyst at Dashlane. “We are really data driven and quantitative here.”

Building on its success managing Facebook ads in-house through Nanigans, Dashlane migrated its Twitter efforts over in Q3 2015, jumpstarting their ability to successfully scale on the platform.

“Launching multiple creatives to multiple audiences across multiple geographies, all at a large scale, is a fairly seamless process within Nanigans,” said Eitan Katz, Senior Direct Marketing Analyst at Dashlane. “The Nanigans platform also helps us optimize further than what Twitter’s native tools were able to do, towards the actions we care about.”

The Results

Since October, Dashlane has used Nanigans to drive continuous monthly improvements in revenue across their full slate of core marketing KPIs: Cost per install, click-to-install conversion rates, and return on ad spend.

These reliable performance improvements have justified consistent growth in Twitter ad spend since Dashlane began managing the channel using Nanigans. The company knows it has the potential to dramatically impact its overall user acquisition through Twitter, and using Nanigans software in-house is giving them the power to make that potential a reality.

“Once we got up and running with Twitter campaigns using Nanigans, we found that Twitter was a really valuable channel for us, especially on mobile,” Eitan elaborated. “We are able to go across geographies, and still find that increased value.”

Keys to Success

What enabled Dashlane to scale Twitter advertising success using Nanigans software?

  • Predictive revenue optimization
  • Advanced workflow automation
  • Deep, customizable business intelligence reporting

  • Automated value-based creative testing
  • Proactive strategic support from the Nanigans Customer Success team

Their continued strong direct response performance has prompted Dashlane to invest more mobile ad spend on Twitter than on other social mobile advertising channels in recent months.

Dashlane has also taken full advantage of Nanigans’ ad building workflow, along with the ability to manage existing audiences while expanding to new ones. “As we continue scaling our marketing on Twitter and start attracting more people and needing more creative out there, it just becomes much more manageable with Nanigans software,” said Evelyn.

Dashlane Twitter Ad

[testimonial image=”” position=”Evelyn Tong” name=”Dashlane” company=”Senior Paid Marketing Analyst” quote=”As we continue scaling our marketing on Twitter and start attracting more people and needing more creative out there, it just becomes much more manageable with Nanigans software.”]

The ability to work across channels and take advantage of the associated efficiencies was also a key benefit of Nanigans for Dashlane, as new updates to the app will require testing new global audience segments across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Using Nanigans as an end-to-end solution, Dashlane can consolidate tools and providers and unite their first-party data in-house.

“When you’re using Nanigans for Facebook and Instagram, using it for Twitter is sort of a no-brainer,” added Eitan. “Why wouldn’t you keep all your social assets in one place if you can, along with your reporting? Instead of managing all these things in different places, it makes sense if you’re using Nanigans already, to use it for everything and take advantage of the whole tool.”

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