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Nanigans’ SVP of Global Sales Interviewed on BC Startup Sales Podcast

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Our SVP of Global Sales, Aaron Mittman, was recently interviewed on Bowery Capital’s Startup Sales podcast. In the podcast, Aaron discusses unique value selling, a tactic that involves determining why a product is a good fit for a prospect, then selling them on that message. As Aaron explains, successfully using this technique requires a thorough, qualitatively sound ROI. What’s key, he says, is giving prospects a solid and sound reason to explain to their CFO why a particular product is so necessary.

Most of the time the people who are buying don’t actually know how to create that justification for their purchase. So if we can help them create that justification for the purchase, and quantify the value to their organization, that makes it much easier for them to buy. A significant side benefit is if those things that are deemed valuable for the company happen to be your unique features; then you’re controlling the sale, as opposed to anyone being able to satisfy that demand.

So how can salespeople communicate the positive return that prospects will see with your product? Aaron recommends providing calculated examples of increased speed to market and revenue in addition to highlighting decreased costs and risk.

Ultimately, building this justification for your customer is going to require getting input from all four of these axes… All these things can actually be turned into dollars and cents and put into a calculator and used as a justification for you to sell your product and for your product to be sold internally at your prospect’s business.

Want to learn even more about how you can apply Aaron’s qualitative ROI selling technique? Be sure to listen to the full podcast here.

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