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3 Essential Factors Of Effective Video Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

When it comes to the future of digital advertising, all signs point to video. According to eMarketer, programmatic digital video ad spend in the US will grow 84.5% in 2016, reaching a total of $5.37 billion. That amount is projected to grow even further to $7.43 billion in 2017. Clearly, video will become an increasingly bigger player in the online marketing world. If you’re riding the rising wave of video advertising, what do you need to know? Here are three important factors that will influence the performance of your campaigns on popular channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mobile video - Essential Factors of Effective Video AdsMobile video optimization

Digital video and mobile devices go hand-in-hand. According to eMarketer, this year US adults spent an average of 39 minutes watching video on mobile devices, accounting for more than half of the total 76 minutes of average time spent per day with digital video content. If you want to run video ads, mobile must be part of your plan. Excluding mobile device targeting means that your ads won’t be seen by a large audience of mobile users. If you do advertise on mobile, make sure your video is optimized for this medium with a simple, clean-cut design that will be easy to see on smaller screens. Also ensure that your video can be understood without sound. That way viewers can get the point of your video even if they’re in a location where turning up the volume is not an option, such as a noisy train during a morning commute to work.

short and sweet - Essential Factors of Effective Video AdsVideo ad length and clarity

The length of your video ad has a huge impact on its effectiveness. Facebook’s Trevor Johnson says less is more when it comes to social video ads, and recommends ads that run between four to 10 seconds. According to Johnson, you only have the first three seconds of the video to make people stop scrolling through their feeds and start watching your ad. How can you make a video that draws eyeballs in such a short amount of time? First, ensure your video piques viewer interest with motion, bold colors, a recognizable character, or an outside the box scenario. Make people want to learn more, even if they only see the first few seconds. Once you’ve reeled your audience in, make sure they know what to do next. Use a Call to Action (CTA) button below your video, in addition to body copy that drives people to take your desired next step (for example: an install, email signup, or purchase), and language at the end of the video that points people towards your website.

In house- Essential Factors of Effective Video AdsIn-house programmatic capability

As video advertising grows in popularity, in-house programmatic ad buying becomes a crucial component to achieving scale – both in spend and campaign performance. By using an algorithm to purchase ad space in real-time instead of manually managing the process, advertisers are free to focus on making more impactful ad campaigns and videos with more precise targeting. Plus, bringing the operation in-house means that companies can cut out middle man media markups and easily leverage their first-party data. This capability goes a long way when you want to fine-tune your video ad campaigns to become a reliable source of revenue growth and customer acquisition. Explore strategies and approaches for incorporating video advertising into your digital marketing campaigns:
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