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Twitter Demographics: A Guide For Direct Response Advertisers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Twitter represents a tremendous opportunity for direct response advertisers. The site is an ROI driver thanks to its ability to deliver highly relevant ads via keyword targeting. Plus, tailored audiences make it the perfect platform for boosting user acquisition, retention and sales.

What do advertisers need to know about Twitter’s 320 million monthly active users? Pew Research Center recently conducted an in-depth study of Twitter’s highly engaged mobile audience. The study found that among all online adults, 23% used Twitter in 2015. Here are some additional facts about that 23% that will help digital marketers tailor online campaigns to Twitter’s demographic:

Twitter users are split pretty evenly in terms of gender:

Gender - Twitter Demographics

Twitter’s user base is comprised of a diverse group of ethnicities.

Ethnicity - Twitter Demographics

Twitter users tend to skew younger; however, a wide range of age groups can be found on the site.

Ages - Twitter Demographics

There are many educated consumers on Twitter:

Education - Twitter Demographics

Twitter users also earn a wide range of incomes.

Less than $30,000/year




A large portion of users live in urban environments, although a significant number of users also live in suburban and rural areas.

Location - Twitter Demographics

Twitter says that its users are mobile-minded. In fact, the vast majority  interact with Twitter through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Twitter Mobile - Twitter Demographics

Twitter also says that its users are fans of apps and mobile games:

Twitter apps - Twitter Demographics


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