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Dynamic Ads Drive Strong Results For Facebook Advertisers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads (formerly known as dynamic product ads, or DPAs) were launched a little over a year ago, but they’ve already proven to be an essential tool for digital marketers. This powerful retargeting solution enables advertisers to intelligently promote the most relevant products from their entire catalog on any device.

Still deciding if you should try out Dynamic Ads for your business? Here’s all you need to know about how they work and how they’re increasing revenue for Facebook advertisers.

What are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads combine the targeting functionality of Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences with a feed-driven ad unit that automatically customizes to each user’s browsing history on your site. With Dynamic Ads, you can drive more purchases by delivering ads targeted to users who may have viewed, purchased, or added a product to their shopping cart.

This hyper-personalized targeting can increase the likelihood of purchase across desktop and mobile devices. It also decreases the likelihood of wasted ad spend, since Dynamic Ads are only served for products that are in-stock. This functionality is especially useful to flash sale retailers with fast-moving inventory.

Why use Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads are built for ecommerce businesses that sell 10 or more products. Brands that are already using Custom Audiences have found Dynamic Ads to be a natural next step for increased targeting precision. In particular, they are highly beneficial when it comes to the following:

Scaling - DPAs


Scaling: Dynamic Ads help advertisers promote all of their products with unique creative without wasting time configuring each individual ad.

Cross-device - DPAs


Cross-device targeting: Dynamic Ads are built for today’s multi-device world. Now you can reach people with ads on any device that they use, regardless of their original touchpoint with your business.

Relevance - DPAs


Relevance: Dynamic Ads show people ads for products that they’ve already displayed interest in, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

Timing - DPAs


Timing: Dynamic Ads only need to be set up once, and their always-on nature means that they can continually reach people with the right product at the right time.

Who’s leveraging DPAs?

Businesses are getting on board with Dynamic Ads and their strong returns on retargeting. Adoption has increased dramatically as advertisers realize the revenue generating benefits of these real-time, personalized product promotions. In Q4 2015, the amount of Nanigans advertisers using Dynamic Ads skyrocketed:

DPAs Q4 2015 - DPAs

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