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How To Generate Higher Value Leads at Scale With Nanigans For Twitter Advertising

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

One of the largest advertisers in the lead generation sector has used Nanigans for years to execute on its Facebook advertising strategy. The company is focused on connecting qualified consumers with its network of service provider partners. Through years of testing and tweaking Facebook advertising strategies, the company has built a deep understanding of how to best target qualified leads in the most cost effective way.

Expanding direct response advertising to a new channel like Twitter presented challenges in terms of maintaining consistent performance and promoting growth. After a difficult period of onboarding using Twitter’s native tools, the company accelerated its planned migration to Nanigans software, providing an easier means of scaling spend while optimizing to true lead value. Nanigans was key to achieving impressive downstream performance gains, with click- to-lead conversion rates and average lead value largely matching those of the company’s existing Facebook advertising benchmarks.



increase in average value per lead



increase in click-to-lead conversion rates



increase in Twitter ad spend

Controlling Costs

Like most other lead generation advertisers, price sensitivity was a chief concern for the company’s in-house marketing team. While always focused on attracting a higher volume of well-qualified leads, the nature of their business model necessitates keeping CPAs consistent in order to maintain profitability.

Nanigans software automatically optimized the advertiser’s campaigns to keep costs flat while reaching the targeted users most likely to convert. This approach allowed the lead gen company to scale its Twitter ad spend 83% over six months while achieving generally stable CPAs.

Comparing the first three months of their engagement to the later three months, the advertiser’s Twitter cost-per-lead rose by just 13%—a growth rate 58% lower than Facebook’s over the same time period.

Keeping Conversion Rates and Value High

Because the advertiser is focused on referring qualified individuals to its affiliate network, one of their key performance indicators is effectively driving people to complete a more detailed information form following an ad click.

By managing Twitter ads using Nanigans advertising automation software instead of with Twitter’s native tools, the company could intelligently optimize campaigns towards downstream actions, against different audiences with specific attribution windows matching their goals. They also could more strategically segment specific actions taken by higher- and lower-value leads to fuel more granular—and effective—optimization, driving a 105% increase in conversion rates.

By leveraging Nanigans’ predictive optimization, the advertiser also achieved a 27% boost in the average value of leads converted. The company grades the quality of the lead based on how valuable it is likely to be for partners, and Twitter has been a powerful advertising channel to capture these higher-value leads.

These impressive returns were accelerated by the fact that the advertiser could use its pre-existing Nanigans Facebook conversion events and user data as a basis for its Twitter strategy. This meant that proven, consistent audience segments and targeting criteria could be more rapidly and easily implemented on Twitter, dramatically enhancing speed-to-market for their new campaigns.

Now looking to continue scaling in 2016 on both channels, the advertiser’s experience speaks to the value of pairing Twitter with Nanigans to best execute against direct response objectives.

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