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What Makes In-House Advertising Teams Successful?

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

In-house advertising brings many benefits – chiefly data control, cost transparency, and increased speed to market – but a common myth is that you don’t get the insights or customer service that come with a traditional agency partnership. At Nanigans, we recognize that in-house advertising success requires way more than a login and basic software training. That’s why we assign every new customer a vertical-specific team of skilled analytics, product, and channel experts. Our customer success managers are always there to troubleshoot campaign problems, provide strategic advice, and ensure that your paid marketing team is taking advantage of every opportunity to improve campaign performance and drive revenue for your business.

So how exactly do our customer success managers help in-house advertising teams reach and exceed their goals? We asked Carly Rogers, our Vice President of Central Services:

What kind of experience do our customer success managers have that qualifies them to help in-house advertisers?

Strategic support 4 - in house advertising supportOur customer success managers have years of hands-on experience managing large-scale ad campaigns using Nanigans software, so they are absolute experts when it comes to campaign strategy, management, and the software itself. They’ve also had the opportunity to work across hundreds of advertising accounts in various different verticals, and in many cases have worked hand-in-hand with some of the best ad buyers and growth hackers in the industry.

Not only do we aim to hire employees who have hands on experience in the field, but our employee development and internal training programs are designed to ensure that all Nanigans customer success managers are equipped to advise on campaign strategy. This includes advanced optimization training, but also “train the trainer” programs, to ensure we are providing the best training, service and value to our customers and end users of Nanigans software.

How do we help customers troubleshoot campaigns and provide tactics and strategies for their advertising efforts?

Strategic Support 1 0 in-house advertising supportFirst, we work to understand our customer’s business and campaign goals. It is also ideal to start with a good understanding of what strategies and tactics have worked (or have not worked) for them in the past. From here we can look at campaign setup items such as bid and budget levels, creative and targeting, and general campaign structure. If there appears to be something inhibiting performance or preventing the customer from achieving their goals, we will identify the issue and make recommendations as to how it can be overcome. Sometimes there is no issue, and instead, an opportunity. In this case we’ll highlight the opportunity and make strategy recommendations on how best to capitalize on it. Our customer success managers are monitoring campaign performance daily, and track a customer’s achievement to their goals. It is not uncommon for a CSM to catch a problem or identify an opportunity before the customer even starts their workday!

What is the onboarding process and new customer training program like?

The customer onboarding process is something we are continuously optimizing. While we have best practices and a standard process in place, we know that each customer’s needs are different and will customize the experience accordingly.

The first step in any Nanigans integration is to implement the Nanigans SDK and/or tracking pixels. This will enable full use of our software and optimization tools. Once tracking has been confirmed, the customer will begin working with their CSM to learn the software, set up their campaigns, and begin spending at scale.

What kind of advice do customer success managers usually provide in order to help customers’ campaigns?

strategic support 5 - in-house advertising supportEach pilot customer will receive a consultation from our in-house creative team. We’ll report on best performing creative to date, as well as provide ideas for new concepts (incorporating best practices) that can be passed along to the customer’s creative team for further development. Given that creative is a huge component of campaign performance, this has proven to be a very valuable service for our customers.

If we see that a customer is targeting both mobile and desktop inventory with the same ad set, we may advise that they create one ad for each delivery location to further optimize delivery. We’ve seen this approach work to increase scale and decrease costs.

A common mistake in campaign management is spending too much on testing, or testing too many variables with too small of a budget. Our CSM and Analytics teams are able to advise on best practices for testing, and help design a testing framework that will not negatively impact top line performance metrics. Our teams can advise on a testing strategy that customers are comfortable with and help them manage “risk,” all while delivering the results they are looking for.

How frequently do customer success managers meet with customers in person or chat on calls with them?

This depends on the customer’s needs. Some customers we speak with daily, while others we speak with every other week. We advise frequent communication through the onboarding process, to ensure customers are comfortable with the software and have access to the resources they need to be successful. We also believe a good in-person working session is incredibly valuable, and encourage face-to-face meetings whenever possible.

How are Nanigans success teams structured? Do customers only work with CSMs or do they also have access to Nanigans’ technical and analytical specialists?

Strategic Support 3 - in-house advertising supportA customer may have many contacts within Nanigans, depending on their needs. Every single customer will have access to a dedicated CSM, whom they will interact with daily for any type of support they may need. The CSM may bring in a product specialist, analyst, or technical account management team member for additional help with campaign performance. For custom solutions or product-specific feedback, we may introduce the customer to a member of our product and/or engineering teams.

How do our end users feel about the support they receive from Nanigans customer success teams?  Janelle Stettler, a Social Media Marketing Manager, shared the following feedback:

Our amazing Nanigans team, Nader and Erica, really go above and beyond. Besides being incredibly responsive, they proactively anticipate our needs and make suggestions to help us reach our goals. I sincerely respect their knowledge and expertise and highly value our partnership.

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