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Benchmark Report: Q1 2016 Delivers Higher Return on Facebook Ad Spend for Retailers

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

With rising year-over-year returns and more diverse ad spend allocations across verticals, the value of the Facebook ad ecosystem in Q1 2016 is likely as high as it has ever been for advertisers.

Compared to Q1 2015, the top online retailers using Nanigans increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by 57%, boosted purchase rates by 171%, and drove a 17% growth in average order value (AOV). These results underscore the effectiveness of newer ad types like carousel and dynamic product ads, which have increasingly been adopted by ecommerce advertisers over the past year.

Meanwhile, gaming advertisers have become even more aggressive when it comes to spending on video ads — one of the most efficient mobile app install units in terms of driving game installs. In Q1 2016, 35% of all game advertiser spend with Nanigans was allocated to video mobile app install ads, a 25% jump from Q4 2015, and a 122% increase from Q1 2015.

To arm in-house marketing teams with these and other essential aggregate insights, today we’re releasing our latest Global Facebook Advertising Trends Report. This report examines key trends seen by companies leveraging Nanigans advertising automation software to manage, optimize, and measure their performance marketing ad campaigns on Facebook during Q1 2016.

This report highlights:

  • CTR, CPM, and CPC trends for Facebook ads by vertical and geographic market
  • Insights on how marketers are generating higher return on ad spend
  • Global growth in adoption of mobile and video ads

Download the report today for valuable insights to fuel a smarter data-driven Facebook advertising strategy in Q2 and beyond.

Download the Report

Q1 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

  • #1 most downloaded Nanigans report series
  • 28 key performance metrics
  • 6 full pages of expert insights

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