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4 Ecommerce Twitter Ads That Are Driving Revenue For Online Retailers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

Did you know that retail executives have named Twitter as one of the most effective social media sites worldwide? Using Twitter’s advanced targeting options to reach 320 million monthly active users allows retailers to reach valuable new shoppers. According to eMarketer, ecommerce purchases influenced by Twitter exposure to a brand have an average order value of $162.52.

How can your ecommerce brand harness the power of Twitter advertising? Here are just a few examples of real-life retailers attracting clicks and purchases through eye-catching creative and calculated targeting.

Stitch Fix

Personal shopper subscription service Stitch Fix offers customers a range of clothing items, from shoes and accessories to dresses and sweaters. While the Twitter ad below showcases many of these items in combination, their preppy/casual vibe is a common theme. Instead of trying to attract a wide variety of different potential subscribers with a hodgepodge of styles, Stitch Fitch wisely chooses to appeal to a specific subset of female fashion fans.

Stitch Fix Twitter Link - Twitter Ads for Ecommerce

Creating a capsule wardrobe for a specific persona can be even more effective when you factor in Twitter’s ad targeting capabilities. It’s likely that Stitch Fix targeted this ad toward Twitter users who follow brands that carry products with this classic, all-American style – such as The Gap or J.Crew. When advertisers craft specific ads for exactly the right kind of audience, clicks and conversions follow.


Because 80% of Twitter’s active users are on mobile, Clinique’s GIF-style video promoting its Sweet Pots lip balm is an especially effective advertising strategy. The video’s bright, high-contrast design means that it reads well on small mobile screens, and will stand out as users scroll through their quick-moving Twitter news feeds.

Clinique Twitter video ad

The video ad clearly communicates the value of Sugar Pots in under ten seconds, but most importantly, viewers can understand what’s going on without sound — an important point since Twitter videos play silently unless users choose to manually turn up the volume.


Ecommerce company Wish uses a Twitter ad not just to promote an immediate purchase, but to encourage a longer-term relationship with potential customers. With Twitter’s mobile app install (MAI) ad unit, mobile Twitter users can download the Wish shopping app directly to their smart devices in just a few clicks. By promoting exclusive discounts and commitment to building a Wishlist, Wish is encouraging shoppers to return to the app for future deals and purchases.

Wish Twitter MAI - Twitter Ads for Ecommerce

Converting first-time installers into active app shoppers is crucial to high ad ROI. By crafting campaigns that focus on repeat purchases, Wish is bulding a strong foundation for further interaction with new users.


JCPenney employs several tactics to make its Twitter ad versatile and effective. For example, the ad below features a repurposed photo from JCPenney’s online store. By featuring ad creative that’s already proven to drive clicks on the company’s own site, JCPenney can confidently put spend behind this ad because they know it will attract attention. And by mentioning festivals in the copy, JCPenney taps into Twitter’s pulse on pop culture events.

 JC Penney Twitter Mobile Photo - Twitter Ads for Ecommerce

Running this ad against a hashtag for an upcoming popular music festival such as Bonnaroo or Coachella gives JCPenney a way to contribute to event-focused conversations that are already happening on Twitter. JCPenney can use Twitter’s keyword targeting feature to reach people who are already interested in the festival scene and more likely to buy the dress featured in this ad.

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